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Friday, February 3, 2017

#SKD Academy's First Culinary Summit, Power Up! Skills is the New Global Currency

10:53:00 PM

SKD Academy, one of the leading and fast growing culinary schools in Philippines today, held the first Culinary Summit for culinary students with a theme "Power Up! Skills is the New Global Currency". The event was staged in Amoranto Theater in Quezon City where lots of activities lined up for the participants. It was a whole day affair filled with tons of empowering talks from renowned people in the culinary arts and hospitality industry. Also included were motivational talks from people who rose from down below up to the top of their current careers.

SKD Academy believes that in facing today's life an individual needs to be empowered with skills and knowledge. It is now considered that skills are the new global currency. For SKD, their aim is to help students acquire new set of skills or enhance their existing culinary skills turning them into a competitive and the best workforce in the country.

Was able to get also a chance to interview Mr. Louie Edem, Operations Manager turned Campus Director, for some details about SKD Academy or School of Knowledge and Development Academy. According to Mr. Edem, SKD's learning style is based on "Method" that differentiate them from other culinary schools.

Mr. Jefferson Camba shared during his opening speech in the summit, "Passion and hardwork is what drives having a valued skill set. Together, we want you to have as an edge when we conquer the culinary world."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Interrupted Salutatorian Speech Went Viral

3:18:00 AM

Right in the event of warm talks about K-12, a video of graduation rights in Quezon City made its way and went boom on social media, making it as the talk of the town. The interruption of the salutatorian speech gave a bad impression about the school and a well deserve appreciation of the salutatorian.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

iAcademy, Dares To Be Different With Their Courses

8:28:00 PM

Learning and enjoying at the same time is what education should be. You learn because you like to and not because you are compelled to. You gain knowledge with practical learning experience and not by trauma. This is what iAcademy forefronts with their school’s facade of learning. Their courses, structure of learning, school environment and professors are not the conventional ones, and this is what Kwento Ni Toto would like to share. This is our story of a school that dares to be different, iAcademy.
Knowing a school from an outside perspective makes it more appealing educationally. And more, since we’re not a student or a faculty we can say whatever flows out of our mind and what we thought about the school. But these words will definitely entice others to get curious about the school, positively.

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