Thursday, March 5, 2015

iAcademy, Dares To Be Different With Their Courses

Learning and enjoying at the same time is what education should be. You learn because you like to and not because you are compelled to. You gain knowledge with practical learning experience and not by trauma. This is what iAcademy forefronts with their school’s facade of learning. Their courses, structure of learning, school environment and professors are not the conventional ones, and this is what Kwento Ni Toto would like to share. This is our story of a school that dares to be different, iAcademy.
Knowing a school from an outside perspective makes it more appealing educationally. And more, since we’re not a student or a faculty we can say whatever flows out of our mind and what we thought about the school. But these words will definitely entice others to get curious about the school, positively.

The school got their open door policy that allows the students to freely communicate with their professors and even with their deans. Kwento Ni Toto even got a chance to meet the coolest school President, Ms. Vanessa Tanco. Not making any exaggeration or flattery words about the president but she was truly looks young as a president, she’s not stiff like the school presidents that you know, and she’s totally different. She got this vibe that you’re very much welcome to their school.

We've learned so much about iAcademy during the interview session with the school’s dean. It was short but worth enough to know the major details about the courses offered. Three (3) Schools are governed under iAcademy with corresponding degrees.
  • School of Computing
    • Software Engineering
    • Game Development
    • Web Development
  • School of Business
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing & Advertising
  • School of Design
    • Animation
    • Multimedia Arts & Design
    • Fashion Design & Technology
Some of the advantage of iAcademy from the rest of the schools that offers the same courses is that their professors are not just school instructors but also practitioners in their field of expertise. Meaning these professors got more edge because they practice what they teach and does not only rely on theories. Another edge is their update to date facilities which enables the students to practically learn the know-how of the programs, applications and devices. Some of these are the full suite of Adobe and CINTIQ by WACOM which enables the designers to fully materialize their creation.

Counting more of their advantages, some of their deans, which we’ve interviewed, are Mr. Dane Romley for Animation is a practitioner in the 2D animation and his previous work was the character layout artist and designer of The Simpsons Television show and the Simpsons; and the other one is Mr. Ryan Abeledo for Multimedia Arts who is practitioner in the Multimedia industry.
Another interesting advantage is their Internship Program which gives their students a heads up, an opportunity that only iAcademy students get.

If you want to know more about iAcademy you can check out their website at or visit their facebook account

324 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Tel No. (02) 889-7777
Website :
Facebook :

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