Friday, February 3, 2017

#SKD Academy's First Culinary Summit, Power Up! Skills is the New Global Currency

SKD Academy, one of the leading and fast growing culinary schools in Philippines today, held the first Culinary Summit for culinary students with a theme "Power Up! Skills is the New Global Currency". The event was staged in Amoranto Theater in Quezon City where lots of activities lined up for the participants. It was a whole day affair filled with tons of empowering talks from renowned people in the culinary arts and hospitality industry. Also included were motivational talks from people who rose from down below up to the top of their current careers.

SKD Academy believes that in facing today's life an individual needs to be empowered with skills and knowledge. It is now considered that skills are the new global currency. For SKD, their aim is to help students acquire new set of skills or enhance their existing culinary skills turning them into a competitive and the best workforce in the country.

Was able to get also a chance to interview Mr. Louie Edem, Operations Manager turned Campus Director, for some details about SKD Academy or School of Knowledge and Development Academy. According to Mr. Edem, SKD's learning style is based on "Method" that differentiate them from other culinary schools.

Mr. Jefferson Camba shared during his opening speech in the summit, "Passion and hardwork is what drives having a valued skill set. Together, we want you to have as an edge when we conquer the culinary world."

One of the talks I personally witnessed was Chef Pablo "Boy" Logro. I believed it was one of the talks that is powerful enough to convince every students to pursue their dreams. It was the great example of 'from rags to riches'. It was a funny and entertaining talk but worthy enough to make you chase your dreams.

Another activity witnessed was the Mayonnaise Making from Scratch and the Tourne Competition which was participated by students from different campuses. It was great seeing competitive students like them.

The activity line up of the summit was full of interesting speech, empowering talks, and fun activities. The event discussed the different facets of becoming a chef. I'm sure every student is a winner of their dreams already.

To sum it all, the SKD event was a great venue for all talented and skilled students as they level up their knowledge for a potential to go global.
For inquiries and to know more better about SKD Academy, you may contact their number 09175171118 or log on to its Facebook page, Academy for Culinary Arts.

SKID's First Culinary Summit was supported by Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc., Cheester, Hunts Spaghetti Sauce, Tramontina, Creamy Delight and Absolute pured distilled water among others.
In photo are the chef instructors of SKD Academy together with Mr. Jefferson Camba, Chairman of SKD Academy (4th from left) and Chef Ronel Britania, Executive Chef of MalacaƱan Palace (5th from left).
Event : SKD Culinary Summit: Power Up! Skills is the New Global Currency
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