Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meeting the Cast of The Adventures of Pureza

When was the last time that you had your ROFL or Rolling On Floor Laughing? Well, I almost did that! Good thing that it is a blogger’s night event organized by Star Cinema, somehow I manage to control myself and stopped the possibility of embarrassment in making that very huge scene of laughing and rolling on the floor. It will be like taking off the lights from the stars if I have done that. Anyway I’m still good and I still able to write this article.

Yes! The event was a dinner with the cast of the Adventures of Pureza at Max’s Fried Chicken at the area of Tomas Morato (I think?). Other invited bloggers was also there waiting for the arrival of the stars of the movie. One by one, the stars of the movie came and greeted most of us bloggers. After a few minutes dinner was served. It was “Chicken All You Can” so most of the guys who loves chicken made an approving sound. I’m sure all of our tummies are stuffed during that night.

While some are still eating and the others are already done, Ms. Nikki of Star Cinema made a little talk about the movie and an informal plugging to watch it. Later on they played the trailer of the movie and everyone started laughing. I’m sure every body did not just sit there without a laugh. It was really hilarious, even the stars could not stop laughing. My wife commented on here blog that they filled us up first so we will have enough energy to laugh while watching the trailer.

This is the first full length movie opportunity given to Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco after winning from Pinoy Big Brother’s House. Perhaps it was really high time to give them some big break in the big screen. We’ve seen them in the Pinoy Big Brother’s House, in some movies, and also in some sitcoms and I think they have shown their potential to be a comedian. I don’t know if it is the first time but the two of them is the first comedy love team that I have seen. Comedy seems natural to them.
The Adventure of Pureza: Queen of the Riles will for sure get you laughing. If you need to laugh on July 13, 2011 better watch this movie! Warning: Just make sure to fill your tummy before watching to avoid gas leaks while laughing.

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