Friday, July 15, 2011

PEACE Advocacy

Almost a month ago I attended a very interesting event. It is not the usual events that I go to. There are no celebrity present, no loot bags to peek on to and no expensive gift certificates to buy what we want, it is just a plain advocacy call with a lot of interesting stuff to talk about and learn. I myself did learn a lot from it. Another thing is that it did change my perspective about the people around me. I could say that the event is all about respect and understanding whatever race, culture, religion or ethnicity we have.

The event’s attendance is not that well enough, we all know that because the event is an advocacy call so quite few people will for sure respond to that and the organizers do know that. Plus the weather before and during that time was not really that good. Though the weather is not good the whole situation went well for us because we were able to have a more meaningful talk with the speakers. It actually turned out into an open discussion. Much more insights and explanation were shared to us.
I’m sure by reading through the first two paragraph you are wondering what I’m talking about. Well, to explain it first, the event was all about introducing PEACE through the new technology and social media. So to be exact it’s an advocacy for PEACE. I’m sure most of you will raise your eyebrows about this matter. Well better take it down and read it first.
Now, the advocacy call was organized by PEACETECH. So what’s PEACETECH? For the word itself PEACE and TECH, it’s a two word merge together to have a better way to introduce peace though the youths, the Peace and Technology.

According to the group PEACETECH is a
“…non-profit organization that builds peace among the world’s youth.
PeaceTech recognizes the need to promote an understanding of the causes and consequences of conflicts in the Philippines and the common challenges young Filipinos face. Our goal is to build understanding among the youth throughout the Philippine archipelago.”

They are doing this advocacy to enlighten everyone about the conflicts that we Filipinos have and what are the ways that we could do to stop or at least minimize the conflicts. They are doing this by using one of the greatest inventions of man, the internet. The Internet plays an important role in spreading this advocacy and as a blogger it is one of my duties to introduce peace to everybody in a simplest means of spreading it.

This is just the start of my series of PEACE talks because I know if I talk about it here it will be too boring to read a very long article so I will just have to post it part by part. Stay tuned for more articles and things about this advocacy. If you want to know more about PEACETECH simply visit their website at .

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