Friday, August 26, 2011

A Night with Benmore and Its Ambassador Borgy Manotoc

It was mid-week and the weather is having a little rain shower, I’m on my way to an event of which I know it is definitely for 18 years old and above. All the way from Clark, Pampanga and went on to the event’s place. Though familiar based on the map, I’m still not sure if it is precise. So together with my bag and alone I traverse a place which I rarely go. Fortunate enough that the weather has somewhat friendly to me that it made me reach the place first before it showers more.

 I came to the registration area and met Ms. Jane, she’s the one who emailed me and has been texting, asking if I’m attending. Anyway she showed me the way and met the other bloggers who were there already. Glad that I’m not that late.

 Okay so what was the event all about? Well it is the briefing of the new Benmore Marketing Campaign. They really wanted the product to sink in more to Filipinos because as we all know Filipinos are not very much of a Scotch whisky drinker. So through their thorough campaign they are aiming for the flourishing of the Benmore Four Casks. As part of their Marketing Campaign, they are also introducing their Brand Ambassador, Borgy Manotoc. As Borgy have mentioned in his speech this was his first time to endorse liquors, that’s why his really eager enough to introduce the product to the public.

 After the dinner and the short program Borgy Manotoc was able to seat with us, the bloggers. He was cool and easy to talk with. We even made that simple little chit chat into an interview, asking questions about Benmore Four Casks and even some touch of his love life. Some of the questions that we shoot to him was “If your (Borgy) going to rate Benmore Four Casks with the rate of 1 to 10, what’s its rate?” Without any much doubt he answered “It’s a 9”. Good enough to hear from the endorser himself. Another one was “If you’ll (Borgy) compare Benmore to a sexy lady who will it be?” He replied “it would be Megan Fox.” Then followed by “if locally who will it be?” Without hesitation he exclaimed “of course Georgina Wilson”. Then that interview ended with Borgy Manotoc inviting every to try Benmore Four Casks.

 Of course the product will not be judge without any taste test, so all the bloggers get a taste of Benmore. Some of us tried it with Cola and some just tried it plain. In my case I tried it with Cola and without Cola just to taste the difference. It’s quite good to taste something new.

 While having another chat with the staff of Global Noble some of us, bloggers got curious about the name and the icon. So what was Benmore in details? Here’s what according to them.

BenMore Four Casks is a more premium drink that believes that details matter. Expert blenders have specifically chosen MORE of the finest malt and grain whiskies up to 21. These batches have been matured in 4 different oak casks to give an even smoother Scotch Whisky experience.  It is made in Scotland and it is bottled by Diageo.

 The iconic stag - to represent heritage and authenticity. It connotes masculinity, superiority and leadership. Consumers drinking BenMore will be perceived as smart, stylish, presentable and tough. They know what they want and are a go-getter; but they’re also friendly and open-minded, exactly like the Brand Ambassador, Borgy Manotoc.

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  1. pumunta kana pala toto kami mamaya palang nila Mhel. kala ko mali ang date ko sa calendar ko ahhih...


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