Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thoughts About the RH Bill

I know this is quite late for something to be posted but I just want to share it.
This is my thoughts about the most recent talk of the town, the government and the church. This is my own opinion with the RH Bill or the Reproductive Health Act. So if ever I may touch someone’s ego or idea and belief, I’m already laying my apologies and hope for your understanding.

I grow up in a very simple family. I couldn't differentiate on what class of the society our family belongs to, we’re not rich and we’re not poor. I could not also consider our family as middle class because my parents don’t have any stable job. I can only say that we’re just in the middle of above poor and below middle class.

I only have one sibling, not really sure of the reasons why they did not add another one in the family but perhaps they are already contented having both of us, a boy and a girl. On my mother’s side they were supposed to be 12, two of which died during child birth and on my father side they were 8. So imagined living with that number of kids and the size of the family.

Now so much with the background and on with our main topic, the RH Bill. Right during the intense debate about this matter I got curious about the main thrust of the bill. I tried to get a copy of the bill and tried to read those long sentences and elaborated paragraphs. So here it is according to my understanding and some of my explanations.

The RH bill is not about abortion. If preventing the sperm and egg cells to meet during is already abortion then I can say that we’re all abortionist in some time of our life. You know what I mean.

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RH Bill is not all about condoms. Though I’m standing on the side of PRO, still, there are some things that I don’t like how RH Bill is being portrayed to the public. Condoms are not the only picture of RH Bill. Read the whole article first.

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RH bill is about women empowerment. I praise the women who stands firm on promoting the RH Bill. Imagine the emotion and physical baggage that women are carrying during pregnancy? Nutrients and physical health doesn’t just come up in a snap so please do give women a time to rest and rejuvenate their bodies. It’s really annoying seeing woman being left behind for another woman just because they are “losyang” (haggard looking). Who in the first place made that to them?! Just an understanding for the men, women are not objects. There’s always time for that!

RH Bill is not all about sex. Some people are just too paranoid about how teens can easily get condom and have sex. Hello! Are you all in the age of the dinosaurs? Before RH Bill was proposed condoms are already made available in the market in which can easily be bought by teens and the sex thing, well, the age of teens having sex are getting younger and younger and that’s because there’s no proper education. The more it is hidden to them, the more they become curious about it. Worst they learn it from the wrong source.

RH Bill is about management and organizing the family. When we say managing and organizing is not just the things, the food, the shelter, and the finances but also the whole being of each member of the family, especially the individuality of a child. If you will look closely most of the families who are raising five to ten kids can’t hardly manage each and everyone as a result some of them went on to the bad side of the road. The Bible did not just say in Genesis 1:28 to “…Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth…” it also got an instruction at the end of the sentence “… and subdue it.” So it does not just say multiply but it is also instructing to manage or control not only the creation that surrounds man but man itself as well.

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