Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nasaan Ka Elisa? At Last

At last after a few months of being off the high light of being shown, "Nasaan Ka Elisa?" is finally here and this time to invite everyone to watch the airing on September 12, 2011 after My Binondo Girl.

Last September 7, one of Toto's correspondent attended the exclusive preview of the much awaited Nasaan Ka Elisa.  This teleserye was supposed to be aired last March but because of some certain matters concerning the story and the plot that's why it was moved to Primetime.  Nasaan Ka Elisa is a full packed suspense and drama that for sure will get primetime viewers' hooked in it.  This teleserye is starred by Melissa Ricks as Elisa, Albert Martinez as Mariano, Agot Isidro as Dana Altamira and a whole lot more.

As a start, the story will mainly revolve in solving the puzzle of answering where is Elisa.  Different identities with different mysterious characters will be for sure unraveled as the story goes on every week.  So, if you want to find out about the whole story better get into viewing and watch every episode and be part on answering the mystery of Nasaan Ka Elisa?

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