Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fit In With Radii

Urban Athletics offers a variety of brands that fits ones lifestyle and Radii is one them.  Being a blogger doesn't always have to be hidden behind the face of a blog.  We need to socialize and mingle with different people in different events.  And having a style of my own helps me stand out.

Aside from adding a few inches of height when wearing shoes, it also helps in giving a certain boost of confidence.  A feeling that each and everyone should have in order to be noticed.   Just like in any music being true, being simple stands out and that's what is Pinoy Urban Music.  The originality in each of Pinoy Music.

So what's the connection between Pinoy Urban Music and Urban Athletics?  First, style and fashion revolves around the Urban and second, there's always athleticism in music.  It jives in every way.  So why should Urban Athletics give me a pair of Radii shoes?  Well, I'm the Urban and I stand out on my own.

This is my entry for Flipclan.com and Urban Athletics Radii Contest.   If you want to know more about Urban Athletics just visit their Urban Athletics Facebook Page.

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