Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Globe's Today I Will Campaign Moved Anne Curtis

“Today I Will Go Lang Ng Go.” I never thought before that this was a commercial campaign created by Globe. When I first saw this I thought it was just a status of one of my friend who posted it on Facebook but when I check out my Twitter I did saw some tweets that has a TodayIwill hash tag. I got curious so I tried to look for it and got surprised that it was Globe’s commercial campaign. Silly me!

I have seen the commercial a few times already and I never thought that it will also engage in twitter and facebook, more commonly on twitter. Social media has indeed broken the barriers. There’s no reason for people not to see the commercial, whether it is on TV or online. Plus the campaign has become more engaging and people participate in it.

Some of whom I know participated as well in Globe’s campaign and even celebrities did participate in the #TodayIwill tweets. To list some of them, below are screenshots of their tweets.

It is really nice knowing that celebrities do participate in this kind of campaign.  It was even nicer knowing that rival company’s endorser also did participate in the campaign.  Yes! I read it in PinoyGossipBoy’s blog that Anne Curtis Smith, the endorser of the rival telecommunication company, has indeed joined in the campaign through her twitter. Unfortunately, Anne Curtis Smith removed the tweet from her twitter account. Perhaps she realized that it was the campaign of the rival company that she was endorsing.

This is Anne Curtis tweet taken from Pinoy Gossip Boy's Blog post.
Perhaps the campaign of the rival channel network should apply to her “Think Before You Click!”

In my opinion, Anne Curtis should have thought about it before she posted something like it. She’s a celebrity, a public figure and an endorser so everything that she does or post should be thought thoroughly. She might get into trouble if she keeps on doing that. Nonetheless, the campaign was really appealing that’s why she was moved to participate in the campaign.

If you haven't seen the Globe's commercial, here it is and get moved by "TodayIWill!"


  1. Hi Liz, I guess you've read the kwento about Anne Curtis already. What do you think?

  2. Sef baka gusto na nyang lumet go sa ini-endors nya.... hahaha!

  3. i think she was just going with the fad of hashtags, nothing personal. if she made a mistake, it only proves that she's a woman. we cannot expect too much from anne, she's also entitled to make mistakes just like we are. the mere fact that she removed it makes it obvious that she realized her mistake...

  4. Thanks for your insight mary mary quite contrary. but of course once is enough.


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