Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clip, Clip Clipix

Are you forgetful or disorganize?  Well if you tend to forget a lot of things or if your online work area is a mess then perhaps you to organize your self and your work a little bit.  Introducing one of the website that offers a posting of your notes, interests, readings, pictures or anything that needs organizing, clipix

Yes! Clipix.com does have a lot of areas to post different items, pictures, and interests.  By using their online organizing system you can have a categorized set of things that you love and love to do.  It makes things simpler for you.     

You can post your daily activities here.  It is up to you if you want to be in public or for your eyes only.  Perhaps by doing that you’ll be able to track all of your activities and operations during the day, the week or even the whole month.  Plain and simple think, post and track, it will for sure keep you on the right path.

As for me since I love music I would love to post some of the details, pictures, and ideas about music.  I started it small but it will soon grow much bigger.  Everything starts in tiny things and this can spark a big change in one’s life.


So if you want to get your online thingy to get organized, start typing those Clipix.com word and hit enter.  It will for sure lead you to a page that says welcome and you can start creating your own personal account.  After that you can create different varieties of your clipboards.  Just remember to use the site in organizing your thoughts, ideas, wants, and needs.  It is as simple as playing!

Aside from online tools this clipix.com has also an iPhone App that can be used.  So there’s no problem of getting mobility.   

To know more about clipix just visit clipix.com!

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