Monday, June 25, 2012

100% Big NO! With a Kick of Positivity

How many people did experience
Hearing a big no answer?
How many times been rejected
Perhaps, not lesser than my fingers.

Well, we all do have rejections in life and perhaps most of us had a full list of them. So where and when did I had that big NO answer? It started two years after high school. For teenagers, the greatest achievement during that time, besides higher grades, are the big YES of girls. It means they are agreeing to enter into a relationship with you and boys do get the right for a kiss or an embrace. Lucky boys!

There's one girl whom I considered first as my friend and then later on decided to court her. Hoping to get that friendship on a next level. Gladly, the courting was accepted but to have her say yes was a torment. At first I thought it was a terrible mistake to move that relationship that far but hey I started it already and there's no turning back.

So the days started to count and I think I've courted her for quite some time already and I think it went more than a year. I know it's quite long for these generation but hey that's how it goes during my time! She was simple, cute, sexy with nice straight hair. I'm sure I had so many competition with her and I don't mind having competition as long as we just court it well.

During those days, my family we're not rich and the only time I get to have extra money is when I save excess from my daily allowance. So, if I want to court I need to save up and be creative enough. Since I'm an artist and loves crafty things I showered this girl with creative poems like this...

Softly and calmly
You tingle my ears
Peacefully and quietly,
You take away my fears.

My troubled mind
You cradle it solemnly
My every sigh
You take it peacefully.

Every tune
You tone my life
Every cue
You lift me at my height.

Every deepest night
Enters a sounding day,
Gives light so bright
In every path and way.

And not only that I also tried to be creative and think out of the box by painting something for this lovely lady which sometimes comes with a love note. There were also a time that I tried to write my love notes on a shell, circling around till it reach the tip and one time I created a few love notes on a defective microfloppy disk. Here's a sample of the painting I've drawn.

It was more than a year of torment. Waiting for that specific word from her. I didn't gave her any fancy things or any big Stuffed Toys like this as a gift....

Fortunately this is the biggest stuffed toy that I can find.  
Hugging it and making a big face as well.

My paintings given to her are not big as this mural...

It's me posing beside the biggest wall mural along EDSA near Magallanes MRT Station.
Hopefully this is the biggest wall mural.
but one thing is for sure I did created an impression that my intention is true.

So then the reckoning day has come! It was summer, exactly May 15, 1999 around 2:00 PM she gave her answer... it was a big and boldly 100% NO! That's what I have heard!

It was hot during that time but I felt I was soaked into a drum of water with chunks of ice. I was cold! Then she grabbed my hand, hold it tight and continued “No, you're not wrong about how I feel for you!” My heart pumps and boosted like a rocket! It was a bliss!

A friendship that levelled up into a relationship!

The biggest card that I've ever created and given to my very best friend, my ex-girlfriend,
and my wife.  We were friends before we became lovers.   The card says
"A Window of Friendship... Always Open For You."
She's now my wife but the friendship still remains and we celebrate that friendship as we enjoys every minute of our life together.

Sharing the Big N' Tasty Burger with my ex-girlfriend, MY WIFE.
Biting together on both end!  Thanks to McDonald's.

It was a minute to count,
It was an hour to share,
To someone special
And someone you truly care.

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