Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An Extra Ordinary Food Experience at Mazza Shawarma

Mazza's Shawarma with its bite size beef and other ingredients.
I'm not very much sure if it was late 90's when Shawarma stands starts popping up almost every corner of the streets but one thing is for sure it's something new to Filipino taste buds that's why it became a hit.  Almost everywhere you'll see people holding a wrap of shawarma, munching on that Persian food.  I don't know who brought shawarma to the Filipino food scene but it really created a new food adventure.

Though the hit of the Shawarma dies down due to some factors, there are still some establishments who continued to serve and provide this extra ordinary taste.  One establishment, though they have been only opened for a year, Mazza Shawarma was able to make a stand out and offer this Persian cuisine.  Unlike any of those sprouted stalls before, Mazza Shawarma have their own distinction.

Front of Mazza Shawarma with good space for parking.
Mazza Shawarma isn't a stall or a kiosk that we usually find but it is a restaurant that can be located along the avenue of C. Raymundo at Hampton Gardens Arcade, Maybunga, Pasig City.  Giving their customers a more relaxing and extra ordinary dining experience.  Owned by business-minded and food loving couple, Aris Carino and Karen Dulay.  After finishing culinary school they decided to open their own restaurant which is the Mazza Shawarma.

So, what makes Mazza's Shawarma stands out?   Unlike the usual kiosk or stall type store, Mazza Shawarma doesn't settle for just cheap ingredients, they make sure that it is high quality beef.  They don't cook their beef on the usual vertical stove but in a normal cooking to keep the tenderness and juiciness of the beef in tact.   Added with their special ingredients and an abundant amount of spices makes it more extraordinary.    Take note, Shawarmas should be taken while it is hot to personally experience the texture, taste and aroma of the food and ingredients.  Also, don't forget their Garlic Sauce and the spicy one.  It really compliments with the shawarma.  The experience was great without the tangy after taste that give a bad breathe.

They also have different Persian cuisine in their menu that will for sure let you drool for more.  The grilled Pita bread that goes well with garlic dip or jalapeno hummus dip.  Great as an appetizer. The addicting Keema which goes well with Pita bread or with rice.  The beef and chicken kebabs that are well grilled that can be ordered either in solo stick or together with a rice.  This one, aside from the shawarma, is also everybody's favorite, the 11-inches Beef Shawarma Pizza.  It is for sure a tummy-filler for two persons but good enough for four persons.   I just want to have another set of those Persian food.  

Sweet and Tasty Red Ice Tea.

If you're looking for a new food adventure, I definitely recommend Mazza Shawarma, it's worth scouting for.  
And by the way if you're going there together with a whole bunch of your barkada, they can accommodate more or less 28 people per turnover inclusive of 9 people seated in the smoking area.  It offers dine-in, take-out and delivery (for nearby areas only) services to customers.  Plus a free wifi (for a blogger like me) access to let you post those mouthwatering foods on your social networking sites.  

Thanks to Aris Carino and Karen Dulay for these tasty treats.  

For more details about Mazza Shawarma visit the following

Twitter: @mazzashawarma

or call them at (02)404-9874

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