Thursday, February 21, 2013

SM City Sta. Mesa 3Day Sale Coverage

Sunday has always been a busy day for Kwento Ni Toto but for this specific day it is much more busier than what I have thought. Of course this has nothing to do with the usual Sunday regimen, this time it's a busy day inside the mall. If you're one of our dear followers, I'm sure you've already read about the recent post regarding the sale that will transpire at one of the SM Malls which is the SM City Sta. Mesa or mostly known as SM Centerpoint.

In last year's sale features we have already featured some of their sale activities here in this blog. Kwento Ni Toto believed that many have seen it and we just don't know if shoppers was able to hunt for some good discounts and best buys. But of course with SM's sales you'll definitely find one for you. I do hope that you, my readers, was able to go there as well.

For this 3 Day Sale, Kwento Ni Toto was able to roam and lurk around the mall during the last day of the sale. It's the last day but it was still packed with people, moving around and on the look of best buys. Kwento Ni Toto does not just went their alone but of course with the family, the more the merrier. With the kids it is always fun and exciting even though it is tiring.

If you're one of those shoppers who's on a tight budget but still want to get good items, well perhaps you can check out what we have for this sale and see for yourself if we've got some good buys. Our target? Well, for Kuya we're hunting for an indoor slippers and a sandal for the summer while for the bunso we're hunting for a shoes and an indoor slippers as well. I thought at first this would be easy.

So when we've arrived we just have our lunched, a little stroll and then the hunt starts. We want to have it finished as early as possible so we decided to go straight to the kid's section. There were plenty of items to choose from, I even noticed shoes for the beach. Most of them are yellow tagged which means they are on sale and are discounted. Those are some of the items that we're trying to get. It's really tempting, the prices are below its original tag prices, the items are indeed fashionable for the kids and I think some are really great for the summer, since the heat is already on the move and fast approaching.

Getting into the kid section is easy but looking for the right size of shoes and sandals for the kids are torture. Whew! It seems that the kids feet are not the usual kid's feet. Anyway we manage to get some good buys on the indoor slippers. It's a buy one take one. Both of them got the same design, these slippers are really great on them.

Gelo's shoes is the hardest item to look for. Yes there are good buys and good designs of shoes but the problem is it doesn't fit to Gelo. Though there are really good brands but it's way out of the budget. We were able to get one, a cute one and I think it's more than an inch larger than his feet size.

It was a challenging shop but Kwento Ni Toto together with the kids were able to pull the shopping day off. How about you? What are you grabs this recently concluding 3 Day Sale?  Here's our grab for this sale....

So what do you think?

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