Monday, December 2, 2013

AXE Apollo Team Philippines Gearing Up for Space Camp

AXE Apollo Team Philippines members
get ready for intense workouts.
Kwento Ni Toto shares what the AXE Apollo Team Philippines had gone through this past few weeks. According to our source here's they have been doing for the past few weeks before their flight to Space Camp.

Our AXE Apollo Team Philippines members under gone training at Crossfit Manila (CFMNL) and Siltless Deep Sea Diving Center, and they are definitely read to go.

Evan, Ramil, and Chino do a few
chin-ups while training in CFMNL.

CFMNL, with branches in Makati, the Fort, Pasig, Libis and Alabang, gave ten high intensity workouts to Evan Ray Datuin, Ramil Santos, and Chino Roque. The three astronaut hopefuls were given a very challenging battery of 7 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) of wall balls, box jumps, squat thrusts, push-ups, and chin-ups. In doing this, the physical limits of the trio were rapidly pushed to the brink, and then expanded immediately afterwards.

From there, Siltless Diving head Jason Kho Gillo prepared them to deal with near-weightless environments, as is the case when underwater. Giving all three in-water instructions, they were taken on a Discover Scuba Experience program, which is a worldwide certified program for beginners to get their feet wet literally and figuratively when it comes to diving. As an introduction rather than a full course, of the 5 Chapters required to complete the Discover Scuba Experience program, only 1 was given for the three astronaut hopefuls.

Ramil, Evan Ray, and Chino are given some
pre-underwater instructions at Siltless Diving.

AXE Apollo Team Philippines members
are given in-water instructions at Siltless Diving.

The AXE Apollo Team Philippines
members shows okay sign.
At the St. Luke’s Global City’s Felicidad Sy Health and Wellness Center, a team of world-class physicians and nurses conducted a battery of physical tests on AXE Apollo Team Philippines members to assess their physical fitness and health readiness for the rigors of space camp. They had basic medical consultations, blood tests, x-rays, treadmill exercise tests, ECG’s, and ultrasound using the hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Ramil takes the treadmill exercise test.

Ramil gets his blood pressure checked.

AXE Apollo Team Philippines with the
medical experts from St. Luke’s Global City.
The Filipino’s resilience is a trait that all three members of Team Axe Apollo Philippines are very fortunate to have. As they head towards their date with destiny, the entire Filipino nation is ready to share in this moment and cheer them on.

GoAXE APOLLO Team Philippines!

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