Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flavorful Summer With McDonald's Dreamy Decadence Desserts

As summer approaches and before PAGASA officially declares the summer season, McDonald's created some new dessert concoctions for Pinoys to enjoy summer and Kwento Ni Toto got a story about that.

Summer is the season where we enjoy cold and sweet delectables treats. It all give us a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction plus a rush of happiness. The tingling slide of cold treat on our palate and the kick of sweetness can sure take away the uneasy feeling and have a chilling experience.
McDonald's rolls out their Dreamy Decadence for the customers this summer and Kwento Ni Toto was able to lavish on three of the four of McDonald's Summer Desserts, the Tiramisu Coke McFloat, the Black Forest Coke McFloat and the Sans Rival McFlurry. The last one that missed by Kwento Ni Toto's taste bud is the Mango McDip. All this four will sure give a cold sugar rush this summer.

If you're a person who loves Tiramisu very much then perhaps you might want indulge yourself with the Tiramisu Coke McFloat. It got a hint of coffee thatis just right after a heavy meal.

Among the two drinks the Black Forest Coke McFloat touches my sweet part as the hot fudge mixes with the cherry-flavored topping and of course with the coke. It something playful in my mouth.

 The Sans Rival McFlurry is sure another hit, just make sure to crack into bite size the Sans Rival when it hardens.

 The Mango McDip is still a mystery flavor. So we will try it one of this days. The Mango McDip is a Dessert Center exclusive so ifyou want to try this better go to McDonald's store with Dessert Center. This is great for those on the go who wants to quench the heat.

Enjoy the Mango McDip at Php17, the Tiramisu and Black Forest Coke McFloat flavors at Php30, and the Sans Rival McFlurry at Php49, McDonald's continues to surprise customers by offering delectable treats that are both enjoyable and easy on the budget. Other dessert favorites, the regular Coke McFloat and Oreo McFlurry, can still be enjoyed at Php25 and Php39, respectively.

So if you want to beat the heat this summer head on to McDonald's store or Dessert Center to get a dose of Dreamy Decadence #McDoDesserts. To get more information and updates like the official McDonald's Facebook fan page or follow @McDo_PH on Twitter.

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