Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pacquiao and Bradley Fight, Who and What Round?

For all the boxing fans out there, Kwento Ni Toto shares an opinion and a prediction on today's boxing event, as Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley goes inside the ring once again to prove who's the strongest, smartest, and King of the boxing ring.

This rematch will prove two sides of the previous match, first is that Bradley owned the first match and the second one is that Pacquiao still got the fire in him.

Kwento Ni Toto's opinion and prediction will only be based on the facts gathered and of course with some few gut feel in today's event. So, here goes the opinions first!
  • First, if Manny Pacquiao will be an aggressor for this fight he might end up like his fight with Marquez who knocks him down after receiving that blow.
  • Second, Pacman still got the foot work but the power of his punches has already declined so he needs to put his concentration on his punches.
  • Third, Bradley will be eager but cautious on this fight as he wants to prove the controversy on his win on the previous fight.
  • Fourth, Bradley is much younger than Pacquiao with fights half of what Pacquiao has gone through. So it only means that experience can still outwit Bradley on this fight.

So to who and what round will the fight ends, here's Kwento Ni Toto's two prediction...
  • If both fighters will be at full charge, the match will end between 6th to 8th round with Bradley as the winner knocking down Pacquiao.
  • If both fighters will be on full charge but cautious move the match will end up on the 12th round with Manny Pacquiao owning the Judges decision.
So there you go the Kwento Ni Toto's opinion and predictions feel free to comment and express your thought about this predictions.

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