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Pinoy Big Brother, All-In With Big Surprises

Kwento Ni Toto shares some of what's going to happen with this year's season of Pinoy Big Brother with their #PBBAllIn.  Big surprises and twists are set to unravel as the much anticipated phenomenal reality show “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) returns this Sunday, April 27 in Australia, Guam, Japan, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia (Monday, April 28 in New Zealand) via The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Titled “PBB All In” and hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, John Prats, Robi Domingo, and new host, Alex Gonzaga, the newest PBB edition will feature housemates aged 15-30 years old who will live together inside the famous “Bahay ni Kuya” or PBB house and together will face tough challenges for 100 days.

But before the grand reveal, viewers will have a sneak peek on some of the housemates in “ASAP 19” and “Buzz ng Bayan.”

“Viewers can never really expect anything because what happens inside the PBB house is always unexpected. We are just as excited as them. We look forward to what will happen, the new tasks, and the clash of different personalities,” said Gonzaga who has hosted the show since its first season and still remains excited knowing the show has always something new to offer.

“I was only 21 when I joined PBB. It is no longer a job for me, it is already my second family. I have matured and grown not only as a host but as a person,” she added.
Gonzales, like Gonzaga, has been a face of the show since the first teen edition. “The challenge for us hosts is to keep people interested and keep it relevant. It gets easier in the sense that we know what the program is all about, but challenging in the sense that we should please people since they have already seen everything,” shared Gonzales.

Gonzales adds, “We have already had ten editions, so somehow, other housemates think they know how to play the game. With the new season, we want to bring back the rawness from season 1 and the genuine mix of housemates.”

Gonzales will also team-up again with Prats and Domingo, along with the newest host and Gonzaga’s sister, Alex in “Uber”, which will air from Mondays to Fridays (Saudi Arabia) and Tuesdays to Saturdays (Australia, Guam, New Zealand and Japan) via TFC.
Prats says, “We were surprised by our chemistry in ‘Uber.’ We took on certain roles that were developed only while we were doing the show. Our personalities really jived. The fact that they are bringing ‘Uber’ back only means that we did something successful in the previous seasons.”

Domingo attributes their chemistry from being former PBB housemates who can relate to the happenings inside the PBB house. Domingo was the second placer in PBB second teen edition, while Gonzales and Prats joined the PBB first celebrity edition.
“Other people would not ever understand what the housemates go through, only ex-housemates can. It is always wonderful to bring back our memories inside the house,” Domingo said.

The younger Gonzaga, meanwhile, shared she is beyond enthusiastic to be part of the PBB family because she has been a huge fan of the show since the first season. “I am happy that I am part of PBB’s comeback. I enjoy watching it because as a person, I am a natural ‘chismosa,’ (gossiper) so before I would always ask Ate Toni what happened in the confession room or what was not shown on TV,” Gonzaga revealed.

Viewers and followers of the show are also expected to get even more involved in the show with its highly interactive components on social media.

“PBB All In” also made history by staging Philippine television’s first ever multi-platform auditions, drawing thousands of aspiring housemates in its on-ground auditions in different parts of the country as well as in other countries through TFC plus as well as online auditions.

Do not miss the premiere of the hit reality show “Pinoy Big Brother All In” Sunday, April 27 in Australia, Guam, Japan, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia (Monday, April 28 in New Zealand) via TFC. Connect with fellow Kapamilyas worldwide on

PBB All-In

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