Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Pick This 2014 for the Top 10 Influential Blogs

I think this is my 4th year to join this writing project. The first one was when Kwento Ni Toto was nominated, unfortunately we weren't that influential yet. Now, it's on its 8th year  this writing project that was initiated by Ms. Janette Toral in the sole purpose of recognizing new and uprising blogs that are gradually gaining a considerable amount of readership, following and influence. 

Though there are considerably plenty of emerging blogs and truly enticing to read, the writing project only seeks the top 10. So as I continuously support this writing project here are my pick for this year.  
  1. Knowing Ropes - What I like about this blog is how the writer expresses herself in each of her post. It's a personal blog with great choices of words. I enjoyed reading her works and learned from it as well. 
  2. The Slambook Project - From reading first the name of the blog I thought I will be reading something more likely of the slambook during high school day but was not because this blog is actually a magazine-type of a blog that features anything under the sun and presents its piece in a comic form whether it is in cartoons/comics or pictures with bubbled messages. 
  3. Nutri Facts in The Packs - This blog is a piece that I can say can really help most of us who just go into stores and pick up what we want without event trying to check the nutri facts in the packs. This will help us all be aware of the labels and markings on the packaging of every product we buy.
  4. Matakaw na Bata - Just by reading the title it instantly tells what the blog is all about... what else but food. Gluttony may have been a negative connotations but for a person who loves to eat the glutton term is just a chime to ones ears. Anyway this blog tells about food, recipes and restaurants, most especially when stressed out.  
  5. Rumor, Rumors and More Issues - This blog writes more about the rumors that are lurking not only in the entertainment industry but almost anything and anywhere that has rumors in it. Perhaps this is what interest most of Pinoys, checking out the rumors about something. 
  6. JLofied - What I like about this blog is the author's crafty ideas not only on things that she makes but also on the post that she does. Simple, precise and straight to the point. I was able to meet JLo in a meet up event and was very much impressed on how she takes her works.
  7.  Pinas Social - The take of this blog is about human interest and social issues. The human interest perspective gives the opportunity for the readers to learn something and that's what I like from this blog. 
  8. Eats Now or Never - Honestly the title of the blog makes me hum because of the song "it's now or never" (not really sure if that's the title but the line is like that). Never mind the name but this blog is something new, specially in the food blog category. I like their approach of making their readers be aware of things, an example is their round ups.
  9. Techno Rush - An insight of technology. Perhaps this is one tech blog that I could rush in when looking for some information with regards to gadgets and stuff. A more different approach.
  10. - From the term "astig" itself it means that this blog is on top of everything as they provide different approach in providing information that the readership wants apart from the traditional blogs. 
So these are my picks and hopefully you could make yours and join this writing project and create impact in the blogging community.  The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 is made possible by the following sponsors...

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