Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How To Enjoy A Glass of Banrock Station?

Foods aren't just edible ones to be taken but something to be enjoyed together with drinks. One of the best drinks to enjoy with foods are wines and there are quite a number to choose from, like the shiraz and cabernet sauvignon. Just recently Kwento Ni Toto was able to enjoy a new selection of wines from the newest wine brand in town, Banrock Station. It’s new to our ears but according to the brand it has been around for 2 decades already and now they’re here in the Philippines through Future Trade International, Inc. Providing fine taste of wine.

Not only that we have enjoyed the wine but Kwento Ni Toto was able to meet the man behind the exquisite flavor of Banrock Station, Mr. Paul Burnett. He is the winemaker for Banrock Station who has brought wealth of experience and knowledge to the company. Specializing in producing quality red and fortified wines, this South Australian local finished his Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Oenology) from the University of Adelaide.
So how do you supposed to enjoy the fine scent and taste of every wine that you’ll be taking? Well, here’s what Kwento Ni Toto suggests to first timers.

  1. Pour. Get a well shaped, clear and clean wine glass. Pour your preferred wine, it can be red or white wine depending on the menu that you’re enjoying.
  2. Swirl. Once the wine is pour inside your wine glass. Lift the glass and make a swirling motion to uplift the aroma of the wine.
  3. Smell. While the wine is in its swirling motion inside the glass smell the aroma and flavor of the wine. This brings a better hint of what kind of wine you’re taking in.
  4. Sip. After inducing the aroma, your next step is to take a sip of the wine for your appreciation of the flavor. Wines are ought to be enjoyed not just engulfed.

This are just Kwento Ni Toto’s thought of how to enjoy wine for first timers. Always remember to drink responsibly. So if you have enjoyed your first experience of wines then you might want to enjoy four (4) of Banrock Station’s line of wines.
Banrock Station Moscato – This wine is great for first timers as it displays fresh, lifted grapefruit and lemon aromas. This wine is light bodied with retained natural fruit sweetness, showing flavours of pineapple and, tropical fruits on the palate. It is a light and fruit wine with a lovely sparkle which gives the wine an attractive refreshing lift.

Banrock Station Merlot – Exhibits lively and fresh Blueberry and Raspberry fruit aromas supported by a light, underlying sweet oak nuance. Shows sweet cherry and dark berry fruits. The wine is soft and light grainy tannins and floral notes, balanced with the fruit sweetness of the wine. The underlying subtle oak character gives body and length to the palate.

Banrock Station Shiraz – Exhibits intense Blackberry fruit over coffee and oak aromas with a hint of clove and cinnamon. This wine is a full bodied Shiraz that displays plum and blackberry flavours with clove and aniseed spices supported by a rounded tannin structure.

Banrock Station Cabernet Sauvignon – Flaunts a bouquet of ripe red berries, Black currants and black pepper with hints of Vanillin oak. This is a soft medium to full bodied red wine with rich fruit flavours of mulberry, plum, cassis and cherry. This fruit driven wine is supported by subtle cinnamon and nutmeg spiced oak flavours. This wine has a firm fine tannin structure that is perfectly balanced by ripe juicy fruit. This wine finishes with lingering flavours of wild berries and subtle vanilla oak over tones.
Enjoy a Banrock Station Wines and help protect the planet! Want to know more about Banrock Station visit their website and social media sites.

Product Lines : Banrock Station Moscato, Banrock Station Merlot, Banrock Station Shiraz, and Banrock Station Cabernet Sauvignon
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