Sunday, November 23, 2014

Watch and Witness Pacquiao and Algieri

Another day where the city is at its quiet state, no crime activities and no traffic. Yes every thing is in order and perhaps most of the people are getting their orders in restaurants or other establishment waiting for the big fight. Their waiting to watch and witness the Pacquiao and Algieri bout, Pacquiao will be defending the WBO Welterweight Belt. Everyone will definitely going to be still and will watch eagerly whether it is on live streaming or pay per view or even it is on delayed telecast.

This will be another fight for the "Pambansang Kamao" and so far there are different reviews and expectations about the outcome of the fight but Kwento Ni Toto will be sharing our thoughts and prediction for this bout.  

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is already on his ate 30s and we all know that his strength, speed and stamina is not the same as it was in his 20s but of course knowledge and experience is his greatest advantage. Height and arm length, Pacman is at the disadvantage side.

Chris Algieri is at his early 30s and so far is always on the winning streak. Compared to Pacman, Algieri is much taller and with longer arm reach which will definitely give a hard time for Pacaman. Of course for a man to be good at things, experience is a must and this is Algieri's disadvantage.

Just for everyone to know we are not fortune tellers and we are not a boxing analyst, so basically our hunch and prediction of this match is only based on what we perceived coming from the stats about this two boxers. So, what do we think will happen to this fight? Well, here are our predictions...

  • If Pacman received a clean hit from Algieri on the first 3 rounds he won't make it on the 6th round. 
  • If Pacman manages to get through from the first half (6th round) of the bout then this match will be based on scorecards.
  • If Algieri is aggressively get to close to Pacman, he'll definitely get the upper cut and get knocked out. Making his height and arm length a disadvantage. 

So, how about you what are your thoughts about this match?

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