Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Flavors Left By Vietnamese Refugee, The Hutieu

If you’re familiar with the history of Vietnam, the war and what happened to its people, well Philippines is one of its neighboring countries, one of the places of their exodus. Vietnamese took refuge in our country and there are two places where Vietnamese settled in the Philippines for a certain period of time, one is in Bataan and the other one is in Palawan. As these Vietnamese refugees settled their community so are their culture and their food, the flavors that they impart to us.

Some of these refugees took their comfort here in the Philippines to the level of finding their better half and some of them even built their families. As evidence of these mixing of cultures are the presences of Vietnamese flavored dishes at the communities near the refugee center. And one of the famous Vietnamese dishes in Bataan that is visited by many food lovers and enthusiasts is the Hutieu.

The Bataan locals learned the flavor of the Hutieu which later on became their food business that attracts not only food lovers and enthusiasts but foreigners as well. Hutieu is similar to ramen or jiampong but what differentiate it to other noodles dishes is that it has a very distinct flavor. Okay we know that from the Vietnamese term Hutieu is written in two words so we wasn’t able to ask the locals why it was written in one word but perhaps because it was localized that’s why they write it that way.
Hutieu is made of rice noodles, pork, veggies and of course some of the secret ingredients that made this dish something to look forward to when visiting Bataan, specifically Morong.

Kwento Ni Toto haven’t experienced tasting the Hutieu before even though we’ve been visiting Bataan for a period of time, so this time together with friends and with the sponsorship of a colleague, the taste of Hutieu is not just part of the bucket list but an addition to accomplished food to taste.
Located at Morong, Bataan Aling Loleng’s Hutieu-an is the place to visit. It’s not that hard to find because the place is well known because of the Vietnamese food. Plus you can easily spot the place with its red colored grills.

The service wasn’t that bad and wasn’t that nice since it is more of a self-serving canteen type store. A garage created as a restaurant make shift that later on because a restaurant to cater the customers.
All we can say is that a bowl of this Hutieu is just enough to fill your hungry tummy. You can really smell the aroma of the food. It is served hot so be very careful and pull out a pack of tissue to wipe out those sweats. This Vietnamese food can really fill you up before leaving the place.

Vietnamese Food
Loleng’s Hutieu-an
Morong, Bataan

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