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Kwento Ni Toto’s After Summer Group Getaway Adventure at Azalea Residences Baguio Part 2

The best thing about sequels is that you get to enjoy the continuation of the story. Like in Star Wars the saga continues. So, in Kwento Ni Toto, the story behind the clouds where the City of Pines lies carries on.
Though the comfy and cozy sheets of the bed hug me tightly the ringing music of the telephone isn’t good enough to hear continuously. It’s our wakeup call and it is really an early wake up call. They are just ensuring that everyone will be up and ready for the day’s journey.

In every adventure there’s always the need to fill up the tanks to get you going so we headed down to Tradisyon, it is Azalea Residences Baguio’s haven of great selection of food where you’ll really end up with a full stomach.

All were ready to meet the day’s adventure then boarded inside the wagon of great happiness. As we headed to our first destination no moments were dull. The van is full of laughter and that’s what happens when everyone are in one tone for jokes.

BenCab Museum or Ben Cabrera Museum is the first place to be conquered in memories and photos. Most of us are first timers on this place so everyone was very much amazed of the displayed artworks of different artists and most especially Ben Cabrera. One of the famous artwork of Ben Cabrera was the 32 Variations of Sabel. According to our museum tour guide, Tanli, Sabel was a real person whom Ben Cabrera get the inspiration to do the artwork.

Continuing the tour, there are different artworks and cultural pieces that can be found inside the museum that describes the culture of the people of the north. Though to some there are bulgar and obscene images and pieces still they are masterpieces that tells the culture of the people. So if you’re an art and nature lover this is one of the places in Baguio City that you shouldn’t miss.

Second destination is another place where you’ll definitely see cultural heritage, the Weaving Room. It is where most of the cloth designs of different tribes are made. If you’re in Baguio City you’ll definitely look for some bonnet and other clothes that got this northern people’s patterns and designs. Good souvenir and ‘pasalubong’. Too bad we weren’t able to see how the weaver does the designs and patterns.

The morning tour made us all very busy that we nearly forget that it’s lunch time already and Azalea Residences Baguio staff brought us to a place where everyone who visits Baguio City look forward to, the Slaughter House Area. It is the place where plenty of eatery to choose from and every establishment offer a variety of foods to indulge with. In our case we were treated at Balajadia’s Eatery. The usual meals were offered but for me there’s one distinct dish that I find exotic. They call the dish ‘Butt and Balls’ which is literary the butt and the balls of the pig. Perhaps only the brave ones dares to have this dish but Kwento Ni Toto take on the challenge to have a taste of this rare cuisine. So when in Baguio City don’t forget to try and have your lunch at the Slaughter House area.

After the sumptuous meal the journey continuous and this time it’s a place where culture, art, food and nature breathe in one place. It’s the Tam-Awan Village, famous for its houses, artworks and artists. This place is just another must visit when in Baguio City. For me and my wife, this is not our first time here but the changes where far more great from our last visit. Aside from the artworks there was also a display of the local’s or ethnic dances. Then we had our portrait sketched.

After the culture and foods, a sweet delicacy is our next stop. We were toured in one of Baguio City’s known supplier of sweet ‘pasalubong’, Tartland. We were able to see how a sweet pack of ‘lengua de gato’ is made. We’ve seen it from baking to packing. So if you’re in Baguio City don’t forget the pasalubong and look for Tartland.

It was a busy day but our adventure is over yet because we got a final tour to attend to and perhaps we’re considered the brave ones for going on to this tour. The Fright Tour is our last adventure where visited some of the places in Baguio City that is considered to be haunted. There were four places that are considered most haunted the Baguio City Cathedral, the Teacher’s Camp, the Laperal House and the Loakan Road. We were able to see three of the haunted places and were able experience Goosebumps but of course we weren’t able to see ghosts until we had another look our photos. Well if you’re brave enough to take on the tour these are places to visit when in Baguio City.

It’s a tiring day and best way to rejuvenate is a sumptuous meal at the Tradisyon. Yes after that whole day adventure we had our dinner freshen up and are ready to sleep but the night isn’t over yet because Azalea Residences Baguio still got a last treat for the night, a Pajama Party where we were scared to bed with the horror flicks.

It was a day of fun, adventure, and food you can do all of these when in Baguio City and most especially when you book your stay at Azalea Residences Baguio because they can arrange this tour to you and some of it are included in their packages. So Kwento Ni Toto rests for now for another fun and exciting adventure.

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Baguio City, Philippines
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