Friday, November 20, 2015

Ginebra San Miguel Gin On-The-Go Visits Mercato Centrale in BGC

Sabado nights just got more exciting as Kwento Ni Toto joins together with other bloggers in a night of overflowing drinks and tummy-filling treats from Ginebra San Miguel and the different food stalls at Mercato Centrale in BGC. What makes the night to look forward to and enjoyable is because of Ginebra San Miguel's Gin On-The-Go Truck. If you have experienced food trucks then this time experience drinks on-the-go.

Aside from the news about this Gin On-The-Go truck, Ginebra San Miguel is also rolling out different mixes of drinks for the consumers using Ginebra San Miguel products as base. Well for most Pinoys spirits alone isn't enough so the brand made interesting concoction that night.

There are five created concoction exclusively for that particular place, the Mercato Centrale in BGC - the Manila Sunrise, the All Nighter, the Royal Blue Fizz, the Mojito Slush and the Sweet Lemony Martini. Among these five the Mojito Slush and the Sweet Lemony Martini is the best seller. Actually these mixes aren't secret as it is also shared through Ginebra San Miguel's facebook page. If you love to host a get together these drinks mixes can be done at home or even at your friends party.
  • Manila Sunrise: Mix of Ginebra San Miguel, Orange Juice Concentrate, Coffee Liqueur and ice.
  • All Nighter: Mix of Ginebra San Miguel, energy drink, water, Blue Curacao, and ice.
  • Royal Blue Fizz: Mix of GSM Blue, Creme de Cassla, Orange Juice, and ice.
  • Mojito Slush: Mix of GSM Blue Flavors Mojito, Mint leaves, Lime Cubes, Sugar Syrup, Sprite and crushed ice.
  • Sweet Lemony Martini: Mix of Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, Freshly squeezed lemon juice, Sugar Syrup and ice.  
During that night, visitors of Mercato Centrale was able to have a taste and experience of the Gin On-The-Go's five different mixes which only cost Php150.00 and for those who would only go to on their favorite flavor mixes costs Php50.00 per cup.

Don't forget that each and every drink mixes is much appreciated and enjoyed when matched with food servings and here are some of the best foods that Ginebra San Miguel picks from the stalls at Mercato Centrale.

The drinks are great, the foods are exquisite and what's even made the night more fun is that we get to meet Ginebra San Miguel's 2016 calendar, Ms. Arci Munoz. She also gave some few songs to entertain everyone at the place. Bogart the Expolorer was also there to entertain the crowd.

The night is still young but we all got to rest but don't worry because this is isn't the last of Ginebra San Miguel's Gin On-The-Go because they'll be roving around the metro and soon to different province. Just better watch out where the Gin On-The-Go Truck is going to park.

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