Thursday, July 14, 2016

Between Content and Earning, Bloggers What Will You Choose?

This is just my two cents or perhaps you can make it a dollar or a peso but anyway I just wanted to express my thought concerning these two things in blogging and it is between CONTENT and EARNING. Yes, these two things are different but both essential to bloggers.

I’m going to share some facts and ideas about these two and shares my idea about it. So bare with me and be gentle in putting me into shame if you’re going to bash me about this. So here we go.

As most renowned bloggers and brands would say the best part of things online are the CONTENTS and as what they say CONTENT is KING. Yes, it is the king of everything when it comes to online because when telling a story or making an impact the content says it all. It is the main ingredient, the blood of every figure and the gist of everything. For brands, content is important as this makes them even more enticing for the consumers. This gives them more edge to be chosen against their rival brands or companies. And as for us, the storytellers, this gives us an edge to be read more and that's because of the story we share, the content of our experiences and the emotions or feelings that we embedded in that story. The uniqueness and catchy scenes behind every launch or the hidden secrets of every success is what makes the article an intriguing story.

For us, the storytellers, content is everywhere, and even if it is a paid gig or not content will always be there because it is us that makes it a good content, a good story. The good thing about having a great content is that you get invited or paid for sharing it and running it through your blog and social media accounts. A story won't be appreciated without a good storyteller. Just like campaigns of brands, it won't be successful without the right vehicle to convey it the public.

Who wouldn’t want to earn? Perhaps no one will raise their hands and say that they don’t want to earn. We all want to earn. And that’s why most people are turning things into gold mines and with the presence of the online world things are getting a little bit smaller and easier. The world is indeed becoming smaller because opportunities are sprouting out everywhere and one of it is through blogging.

So how does blogging works and let you earn? You earn through your blog with your contents because take note you've already established your blogs through time that's the time you'll be earning. Your contents are your stories and your experiences. Good or bad as long as you express your though people will read it and when people read it that's where you start earning.

Another earning opportunity is when brands started contacting you directly for an article or for a coverage of their launching event. etc. or just simply an ad banner on your blog site. So basically that's how you earn.

Now the naked truth, contents are everywhere, whether you are approached by the brands to write for them or you just simply find it interesting to write. The only thing that matters is that when bloggers, like us, write for a certain brand or company and we are not compensated with it. Why? The truth about it is that brands or companies allocate funds or budgets for this marketing campaign. And for brands who go through PR agencies they pay for this campaign. Our stories are then feed as the end result, an advertisement of the particular brand or product and when readers get interested they buy it. Now, is it just and right for storytellers like us to just get a notebook or ballpen as token for this? You tell me.

Another thing, for bloggers, like us who gets invites for this launching events or the likes is a privilege but of course we do invest time, dress when there's a dress code, and transportation expense just to be there. Now, tell me are tokens enough to cover these investments?

As most people thought blogging is easy but heck it is not because just like any businesses you need to invest. Me, well I invested a lot that I don't just want to get even. You invest money, time and effort plus your knowledge as well. In particular you buy domain name, hosting services and if you don't know how to design your blog you buy a personalized template. Now who says it is easy and would you, as a blogger have free post of articles for brands.

It's okay for brands, companies, PR agencies and establishments for a free posting of articles unless in good terms with them. A more better brand and blogger relationship where you're not neglected and invited as always.

So where do I lead my thought about this matter, well since both are essential just make sure to have things in the right angle. We, storytellers also need to earn and thinking interesting content is not easy. I do hope I made a point here.

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