Sunday, June 24, 2018

Anton's Heart, Inspiring to Be a Hero Despite His Condition

One of the hardest thing to accept is doing something that you know you cannot do it because of a rare condition. Anton's Heart is a film inspired by a true to life story of a mother and a child who fights their condition in order to live.

Anton Defensor Asuncion and Alma Concepcion (plays the role of the Mother, Maite Defensor Asuncion) with a special participation of Andrea Brillantes are all together in an inspiring film that will definitely warms the heart of every moms. Yes the movie is about this mother and child who crosses the journey of life and fight through their way  despite of the rare heart condition.

Right before the very big day of Anton, one of the things he wants to accomplish on his bucket list is having his own film, and God is good because he was able to share and act in an inspiring film.

The movie is about a child who wants to do Hero works for the people he love but unfortunately he is not gifted with a good health condition and worse is that it is a rare condition that his activities are restricted.

I was one of the lucky individuals who was able to see the movie. In general the movie is a great movie to inspire other children who wants to do things with a purpose and his life being shared is one great motivation and inspiration.

Getting much more than my story, Anton's Heart will be having its special screening.

Anton's Heart will have a special screening on July 14 at SM Megamall Cinema 7
Ticket Price is Php300.00

If you don't have anything to do that night, visit the cinema and be inspired.

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