Sunday, July 22, 2018

What Do You Think of Bela Padilla's FHM Shoot?

A big white dot on a black canvas! This is what we have in mind about the photo shoot of Bela Padilla for FHM. I'm not a renowned artist or blogger but having seen the behind the scene of the photo shoot makes me think twice. Is it just me or there's something about that photo shoot.

Like I mentioned at the first line I see the concept of who ever conceptualize the idea as a big white dot on a black canvas. Am I just being too sensitive or just being rational. We're in an era where negativism can crawl out in each in everyone of us, thus, giving us the impression of having second thoughts about how we look. It's a color issue for me.
I didn't mean to raise the issue about skin color but in the concept of FHM, this is what I see. In fairness with the other ladies in the photo shoot, they are all beautiful. The only thing that troubles me is why there's a need to have a different skin color put up together just to highlight a much radiant or lighter skin. It seems like subliminally saying that I stand above the others.

So this is just my thoughts and my idea about this FHM photo shoot with Bela Padilla. Are you thinking also the same thing? Share your thoughts here if you are.

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