Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cinemalaya's ML (Martial Law) Reaching More Audience

Martial Law is perhaps one of the most talked-about topic in Philippine history. A part of the past that has its pros and cons.

Why talk about it? Well, as part of the history we should have at least a knowledge about it (validated information) so that we can understand our past. And for the current generation they should learn about it, but of course always take the positive and negative side then validate.

One of this year's Cinemalaya film, ML (short for "Martial Law) hits the commercial big screen, meaning more viewers and audience, reaching more individuals to learn something about ML.

 The film was considered as one of the most shocking movie, which I can attest because of how the film was portrayed. A part of history that is presented in an unusual story.

The film is directed by Benedict Mique and brought to life by veteran actor Eddie Garcia, who plays the role of a retired Metrocom Colonel with a slight dementia who believes that he still lives in the Martial Law era. Together with the other newcomers in the film industry Tony Labrusca, who played the role of Carl who is a college student who learned about the realities of Martial Law from someone who lived in that era. Aside from Eddie Garcia and Tony Labrusca they are joined by Liane Valentino, Henz Villaraiz, Jojit Lorenzo, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Chanel Latorre, and Chrome Cosio.

The film was nominated for Best Film, Best Editing and of course it earned Eddie Garcia the Best Actor award during the 2018 Cinemalaya.

Now ML hits the big screen nationwide on November 7.

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