Friday, December 21, 2018

Aurora Starts To Haunt This December 25

One of the common Spanish and Filipino names, Aurora, which means 'dawn' is the subject of this Metro Manila Film Fest 2018 entry of Viva Films and Aliud Entertainment.

The only thing about it is that it is a mystery thriller movie that tells the story about the ship named Aurora that is wrecked into a rocky shore that lost a thousand passengers. Many of the dead bodies turn up along the shore of the tiny island near the shipwreck, but many are still missing, and their distressed families are in need of a place to stay in as the search continues. What's eerie about story is when the search has ended.

Anne Curtis plays Leana, owner of a rundown inn in the island and guardian to Rita, her 8-year-old sister, played by Phoebe Villamor. She is asked to help look for the cadavers in exchange for a large amount of money.. Leana is hesitant, but her fear is over come by her sympathy for the families and her sister's encouragement.

Helping her in the search are her ex-boyfriend Ricky, played by Marco Gumabao, and a boatman named Eddie, played by Alan Paulie.

Though they are willing to brave the strong waves and murky waters, the thing is that will they have that heart to face whatever awaits them?

This movie is a mystery thriller or much more of an elevated suspense which is directed by Yam Laranas, the highly acclaimed director of Sigaw (2004), which was turned into a Hollywood film entitled The Echo (2008), The Road, and Abomination. He also wrote the screenplay of "Aurora" with Gin de Mesa (All Souls' Night) and serves as one of the producers.

According to Anne this is her second horror movie and also her third movie for this year. the actress is once again praised for he dedication and determination to give all she's got in portraying her role. One of the scenes that Director Laranas revealed during the conference was "Anne had to be underwater for 30 seconds to 1 minute to shoot her scenes" but she refused to use the double that was provided for her.

Marco Gumabao says that working with Anne is a dream come true, describing her as "sobrang bait, sobrang humble, easy to talk to and approachable."

Aurora starts to haunt this December 25, 2018 in cinemas.

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