Saturday, January 5, 2019

McLisse Love Feels and Dares in Sakaling Maging Tayo

Spreading early love feels this 2019 ith Black Sheep's release of Sakaling Maging Tayo, a coming-of-age romcom movie with the McLisse love team, Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon.

This film, Sakaling Maging Tayo, is dubbed as the reunion of McLisse on the big screen. The movie is anticipated by McLisse fans all over the world. Directed by JP Habac.

The film was shot entirely in the cold climate of Baguio. Director Habac was inspired by the classic romantic films like Kung Mangarap Ka't Magising and Labs Kita... Okey ka lang? Habac drew inspiration from the songs that became part of the movie in Pol and Laya's night of dares and possible romance. The soundtrack features songs from artists like Moira dela Torre, KZ Tandingan, Johnoy Danao, and Ang Bandang Shirley.

The movie Sakaling Maging Tayo is about the story of two college freshmen, Pol (McCoy de Leon) and Laya (Elisse Joson), accidentally meet during their last day of school in Baguio City. Laya is about to move back to Manila to escape from her failed romance, while Pol is about to spend a carefree night in a music festival. After witbessing Laya's breakdown because of her recent heartbreak, Pol gets an idea to make her last night in Baguio fun and memorable. Pol also takes this chance to spend an entire night with the girl he has always admired from afar.

What makes the movie more exciting is the spontaneity of the story as they play dare games. From eating exotic food, to getting random tattoo, to confessing deep dark secrets. In the process their little dares eventually lead to confronting their issues and start to a possible romance.

The movie also stars Bembol Roco, Paulo Angeles, Markus Paterson, Milo Elmido Jr., and Chai Fonacier.

Sakaling Maging Tayo dares you to watch in cinemas this coming January 16.

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