Friday, February 15, 2019

Kilay is Life with Eyebrowdery, Join Its Grand Opening on February 16

Kilay is life! For some who are not gifted much with eyebrows, this is one place that you'll be wanting to visit. To have that eyebrow that will fit for you. Yes, Eyebrowdery, is an establishment that caters to your eyebrow needs, whether its just shaping or embroidery services. Of course they also have other services they can offer and you can check it out on their website and FB page

Here are some of the services that they offer (for the full details visit their website and FB page)


Eyebrows                               Senior          Master
Powdered Ombre                 16,998.00      19,998.00
3D Eyebrow Embroidery     19,998.00      23,998.00
3D + Powdered Ombre        22,998.00      25,998.00
EyeBRO Embroidery           18,998.00      22,998.00


Eyebrow Tinting                                                            748.00
Lash Tinting                                                                   998.00
Keratin Lash Lift                                                         2,498.00
Keratin Lash Lift w/ Semi Permanent Mascara          3,498.00


Eyebrows                                                                        348.00
Upper Lip                                                                       198.00
Lower Lip                                                                       198.00
Finger (Hands/Feet)                                                       198.00
Underarms                                                                      348.00
Forehead                                                                         298.00
Cheeks                                                                            298.00
Sideburns                                                                        598.00
Chin                                                                                318.00
Whole Face                                                                  1,598.00

Yesterday, the branch of Eyebrowdery in Newport Blvd., Pasay City under the management of Ms. Nika Guillen, invited bloggers, like me, for a short chit chat with their upcoming Grand Opening and Launch which will happen this coming weekend, Saturday, February 16, 2019.

According to Ms. Guillen everyone is invited to visit the shop as they will be offering 20% discount for guests who will be there this Saturday. Visitors should take note that the grand launch will be a busy day for Eyebrowdery Newport Pasay City so they won't be able to do any services on that day, instead clients who will avail the 20% discount will be schedule accordingly. This is to provide the best services for their clients.

Here's a short video of their establishment and Ms. Guillen's invitation to you.

So, visit Eyebrowdery, avail the 20% discount, schedule the service, proceed and enjoy with the new Kilay!

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