Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Things to Enjoy in Davao

It is indeed a surprise that Davao is the most popular spot in the Philippines. After all, it doesn’t have western restaurants or luxury resorts. But, what it has is the unique and special local experience for its visitors. Here you can look forward to some real Filipino experiences, interactions and food. Go ahead and plan a trip to Davos and take advantage of the cheap Jetstar booking offers.

Davao is just a short boat ride away from the beautiful islands in the Philippines and boasts of breathtaking nature and awesome locations. There is plenty to do and see here to create lifelong memories. You can explore the local markets for authentic dishes or go on a cultural heritage tour of the city or walk through those wildlife sanctuaries. Hop on one of those Manila to Davao flights and begin your fabulous journey. There are direct flights from Manila as well as from other Philippine cities with local airlines.

Discover Davao and look at some of the best things to do in the city.

Crocodile Park to look at freshwater and saltwater crocs – The Crocodile Park is a major tourist destination of the Davao city and boasts of thousands of crocodiles. Here you will get to see both freshwater and saltwater crocs. Watch those baby crocs hatching out of eggs in the incubator room. Take advantage of those educational tours and lectures about wildlife conservation efforts to protect crocs.

Philippine Eagle Center to get up-close and personal with eaglesAlso known as the monkey-eating eagle, the Philippine Eagle is native to the eastern side of the Philippines. It thrives in the natural habitat within the mountains of the Sierra Madre and the Mindanao forests. The center is now home to 36 Philippine eagles as well as other birds, reptiles and mammals. The eagle park makes continuous efforts to protect the endangered eagle species.

Dahican Beach for adventurous beach experience – The Dahican Beach is the most beautiful in Dava miles and miles of white sandy beaches, and turquoise water await you. Get your towel and rent a lounge chair to relax and unwind on the beach. You can soak up the sun and read a book or enjoy a cool drink. If you are looking for a more adventurous beach experience, get a tent and camp overnight or go surfing.

Chinatown for beautiful Chinese architecture – Chinatown is spread across the 44-hectare area and is inhabited by the Chinese who were naturalized citizens or born here. However, they still guard their Chinese heritage and culture. Visit the Long Hua Temple and Mindanao Taoist Temple that reflect the Chinese architecture. Shop for Chinese artifacts and do not forget to taste the Chinese food in Chinatown.

Isla Reta Beach Resort for a fun filled day – The Isla Reta Beach Resort is a favorite with the tourists, and a visit here guarantees a day full of fun and frolic. Make good use of their Volley Ball court, picnic tables, and an outdoor grill. You can spend a fun day with your family or friends on this beautiful little island. You can stay the night inside the accommodation of your choice or rent a tent.

Roxas Avenue Night Market for local goodsAnother must-do activity while in Davos is a visit to the Roxas Avenue Night Market. This is a unique and colorful market where you can shop for all kinds of Filipino food and products. You can smell the delicacies being prepared at the BBQ, and there are so many options that you won't even know what you are eating. It is a colorful and great market where everything is cheap and interesting.

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