Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bihag Cast Jason Abalos and Sophie Albert Shares Their Views on Cheating

An afternoon visit to one of the location of Bihag that leads to a lightly serious talk about cheating and affairs. That's one of the issues that the teleserye portrays, the reality of what happens when deception and lies sip in into the relationship. Bihag cast Jason Abalos and Sophie Albert willingly answered our questions, especially the part about relationship and cheating.

Good thing the afternoon travel wasn't that heavy traffic, the only problem that we had was the weather. The steamy and firy scourge of the sun made that day unbearable. Fortunately, the shoot location was green and welcoming. You can see it on our photos with the cast.

Going back to the teleserye, it's title Bihag implies not only to the event of being kidnapped but kidnapped in so many ways. Like being trapped in a situation of being cheated or caught in the situation of deceit and lies. 

Jason shared that this is not his first time to cheat... in the teleserye. He also shared about the character of Max in the teleserye, "... oo nga pala kasi iba-iba nga naman yong mga babae. Kung paano sila masaktan, kung paano sila makaramdam so iba iba rin yong way nila para... alam mo yon... para pagdaan yong bawat circumstances." 

With regards to guys covering up like the character Brylle in Bihag, Jason responded his views about it "...siguro ayaw mong masaktan (referring to the character of Jessie)… kung di niya alam di siya masasaktan… siguro natatakot si Brylle na aminin kay Jessie... di nya kasi alam kung ano yong magiging reaction eh... na pag sinumbong nya tapos agad yong pagsasama."

Sophia's response to fight scenes and acts of the legal wife and the other woman in malls or even in social media, "I have never been to that situation so it's really hard to say kasi I have never been married and I have never experienced having a kabit pero for me feeling ko yong best... best... ano.. is just deadma. I don't know. For any situation I'm really just deadma. I mean hindi naman deadma na magpapakatanga ka sa asawa mo pero yong asawa mo yong bantayan mo hindi yong babae…. parang nihumiliate mo lang sarili mo... hindi ko nga naexperience siguro kung naexperience ko mas malala pa siguro.."    

The afternoon interview with the two cast gave insightful views about the characters of Bihag plus some other stories about the two's projects.

Another thing catch the 5K Challenge that we did with Jason Abalos and Sophie Albert.

So, watch Bihag every afternoon on the Kapuso Network.

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