Friday, May 3, 2019

From Kutsero to Piloto, Cesar ''Chet' Cuneta Takes On The Challenge To Pilot Pasay City To Progress

From 'Kutsero to Piloto', continuing the legacy of Pablo Cuneta, this is what Cesar 'Chet' Cuneta aims to fulfill as he run for Mayor in the City of Pasay. Chet Cuneta will be following his father's legacy and probably surpassed what he did in serving the people of Pasay. He'll be taking on the challenge to pilot the city to its progress.

Currently, Chet Cuneta's tag line is “Bagong Umaga, Pasay Bangon Na!” With his candidacy he'll be waking his fellow Pasayanons with his straighforward work attitude. He even mentioned that he'll do a better job serving Pasay City than the incumbent mayor.

Remember that the late former Pasay City Mayor Pablo Cuneta has served its constituents for 42 years under seven presidents.

Cesar 'Chet' Cuneta is the brother of the Megastar Sharon Cuneta, Chet spent 33 years working as a pilot before being convinced to enter the political arena.

Here are some of what Cesar 'Chet' Cuneta mentioned during the bloggers conference:

“I am a pilot, been one for 33 years. Didn’t plan this but was urged by the President... I am 57 years old and hopefully, be full time in serving the people of Pasay."

"I want to make the best of my life by serving the people of Pasay. My Dad had 42 years of service to the country, I have seen the need to run the city properly. Health Care, Senior Citizens, Education. Hopefully to build more hospitals because there is a need to do that."

"I will make sure that all of Pasay's earnings will go toward making the city progressive, and will be for the benefit of the people."

One more thing that I like what he said is about the names plastered in government projects. It's true that infras and facilities put up through the government officials effort should not be marked with their names because that is their duty to the people.

I hope someone should raise that in congress because that's the people's money from their taxes.

Chet Cuneta fights fairly and hoping for the people of Pasay City see the difference.

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