Friday, August 16, 2019

3 Motorcycle Helmets with Excellent Periphery Vision

Motorcycle helmets aren't always known for prioritizing your peripheral vision, but not all of them limit it either. It's a myth that full-face helmets have to limit your side view, it just takes a little attention to that detail during the design process. Here are three options for helmets that give you a great field of view. Not all of them offer full face protection, but all of them shield the eyes without compromising your ability to see what is going on around you. The best part? These options come with enough options and color choices to fit virtually any look you put together out of motorcycle casual wear. For those who have been following helmet design recently, it shouldn't be a surprise they all come from one manufacturer.

1. The LS2 Rebellion 1812

This helmet is a variation on the open-face design that offers great protection to the top and sides of the head. It's a variation because it does incorporate a sun shield with wrap-around protection, giving you a great view on all sides while keeping the glare from causing you discomfort. That makes it easier to stay focused and track everything you need to track. The visor is a drop-down type, so you can put it out of sight and out of mind when you want to feel the wind on your face or when an overcast day is a little too dark for a tinted shield. The ear and side face protection is optimal for an open design, providing open ear holes under a durable, padded flap and band that will keep the fit secure without compromising on comfort.

2. The LS2 Strobe

Another offering from the makers of the Rebellion, the Strobe models are a little more expensive, but they offer full face protection in a few slightly different model varieties that all have one thing in common: excellent peripheral vision. If you're looking for a range of motorcycle protective riding gear that gives you different helmet style options, you can easily pick options from this manufacturer to fill every role. That's because LS2's recent designs seem to reflect a singular focus on peripheral vision across the company. The Strobe is no different, offering a face shield with a shape that keeps the hinge well behind the side view line of practically any rider, guaranteeing you can see through the wrap-around shield as far as possible.

3. The LS2 Subverter

For those who want a full helmet with a visor and the kind of rugged protection you can take off the road, there's the Subverter. A little pricier than the earlier offerings, it's also the largest helmet by mass and probably the most rugged protection out of the three. It's DOT rated and has all the features you want for the trail too. The best part is the Subverter comes in a variety of color schemes that are all going to leave an impression. Check it out today, and see if you can find a motorcycle helmet sale that gives you the deal you want on your next helmet.

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