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5 Reasons to Experience and Enjoy Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort's Brunchin at the Beach

If you're an owner of a seaside property, Saturday brunchin at the beach is your casual weekend thing but for someone who grew up in a city, this is something that we would look up to. A different experience where sea air breeze unto your skin while having your preferred cuisine in the morning.

Yes, the possibility of experiencing brunch at the beach and probably a good weekend getaway as well. Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort located in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas revolutionize your usual morning food experience. A few hours of travel from Manila isn't bad because the destination is a good place to have to your weekend and your brunch as they have launched their "Brunchin at the Beach" through their restaurant called the Mingle. They offer a brunch buffet for only Php699 per person that opens from 6:00AM to 12:30PM. The buffet comes with a variety of cuisines to choose from. Brunchin at the Beach is not only for resort guests but also for walk-ins who would just want to enjoy a good brunch in a morning and most probably on a weekend.

In my opinion, for someone who works 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, excluding overtime, will enjoy something like this. As I have enjoyed myself together with the other invite bloggers during our visit. So to give more about the experience I'm sharing my top 5 reasons why you should try.

1. Like I mentioned earlier, this is (as far as I know and as of the time I am writing this blog post) the first time a resort offers a brunch buffet not only for their guests but also for walk-ins who want to enjoy having their brunch at the beach.

2. Saltitude's Brunchin at the Beach will offer different cuisines each week, this is to give guests a different experience every time they visit. When we, together with some invited bloggers, visited the opening they offered an Intercontinental theme, which is a wide variety of food selections like American, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and of course the Pinoy dishes.

Steamed Fish

Japanese Maki Rolls

3. Interesting flavors. As to my experience, well, since its an Intercontinental theme, I made sure to try the ones that I like most but also took some pinch of a taste of almost everything. I'm a pasta guy so I dig-in first with the pasta dishes, the Lasagna and Aglio olio, it is great that I have to come back for another round of serving. For the Lasagna, it is perfectly baked that the sauce and the pasta fused the flavor. The Aglio Olio deserves praise for the firm texture of the pasta with the flavoring and ingredients.

But of course they have more than the pasta, and I did taste other dishes. So what are the cuisines laid on the buffet table? Well, they have All American, Mixed Asian, Mediterranean, and of course all-time favorite the Pinoy cuisine.

Tomato Basil Bruschetta

Salmon Bruschetta

Aglio Olio 

4. The selection of food in every cuisine. Another interesting thing to know with Saltitude's Brunchin at the Beach is that they didn't over-packed with dishes they just laid a selection, perhaps 4 to 6 dishes per category. Like, for example, the Mixed Asian, they just put in some Japanese Maki rolls, Pancit, and siomai. And that's it. Not too many that you'll end up undecided on what to eat.

Hotdogs, Eggs, Bacons and Pancakes

5. A rare experience to have your brunch at Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort. We all know that the area of Anilao isn't a sandy beach area but more on pebbles that sometimes they other resort owners put more emphasis on the activities rather the beauty and value. For Saltitude, Brunchin at the Beach is created for guests to fall in love with nature and value the beauty of the surroundings. It may be pebbles but with few tweaks and a little bit of personal touch, Saltitude makes the experience more valuable.

In totality, the food experience was great, sumptuous, tummy-filling and satisfying. If you really enjoy food and you're a total foodie then you might don't want to miss visiting this part of Batangas, more particularly the Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort.

The partner of Champorado Anchovy


Halaan (Clam) Soup

Adobo the all-time Pinoy Favorite

Aside from the mouthwatering food they serve they also have different amenities that you'll definitely enjoy. Their rooms are intriguingly cute with its personalized names with personally handpicked decors and designs, the cottages, the benches and the hammock where you can spend the day admiring the beauty of Balayan Bay. There are also activities that you can do like swim, dive, kayak, sail, surf, and snorkel.

I would really like to come back and see the view at sunset or even at night time. I believe they also have their Barbeque Nights during summer.

So, if you're planning to have your weekend getaway, you can check out Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort located at Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. Waze or google map will do to get their or just simply take the exciting commute trip Jam or Alps Bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal, then a jeepney ride going to Anilao Port and lastly a tricycle ride from Anilao Port to Saltitude. Take note that the tricycle ride only cost Php35.00 per person. So enjoy!

You can book your stay by calling +639399088843, +63927422428, or +63434101857. You can also take it online by visiting their website and Saltitude on Facebook to get more of the details.

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