Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sanggano Sanggago't Sanggwapo Brings Back the Old-School Punch of Comedy

It's like bringing back sone old memories and to be precise funny memories. I hjust forgot how old I was when I first watch a comedy film but I'm sure it's the old-school, old formula that really punch and put the laugh on my face.

The additive that made the comedy film hilarious are the actors hitting that punchline. Actors like Janno Gibbs, Dennis Padilla and Andrew E. Three different actors with three different ways of delivering comedy but only delivers one result... Happiness.

I'm pretty sure, the Titos and Titas will definitely laugh their hearts out and bring back some old memories... better yet younger thoughts.

For me, what I like about this movie is that it will let you feel young once again. I don't know how many times I laugh more than my normal tone but I am sure I still laugh at them.

Like what Andrew E said laughter will give you long life, when you laugh you'll exercise your heart by palpitating and when you laugh more you'll eventually have an urge to pee more that will cleanse your kidney and bladder. So, let us all laugh as the move shows in cinemas tomorrow, September 4

Bring the old-school comedy and bring back the laughter!

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