Saturday, October 5, 2019

5 Intriguing Points About the Movie OPEN of Black Sheep Entertainment

One of the entries for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino under Black Sheep, the movie OPEN, tells about the common problems and resolutions about relationships, much more about the Open Relationship. If you have been watching movies created under Black Sheep you'll understand that most of them are not the usual happy ending but rather a more unconventional open-ended story. A hang in what would be the possible ending in which they are giving their audience the play of mind to create their own end of the story.

OPEN, is starred by two interesting actors, JC Santos and Arci Munoz which play the role of Ethan and Rome, respectively. The story is about a couple who have been together for 14 years and are each other's firsts. Everyone expected of them as the perfect couple but when things went unstable an idea of an open relationship was laid on the table, on which it is something that Ethan wants. The agreement was they are allowed to be intimate with strangers but they are not allowed to fall in love. They went to open relationships with the hope of salvaging their relationship.

The story is interesting as it tells the story about the things that happen in an open relationship. It doesn't tell if it is wrong or not but gives the viewers the bird's eye view of what is happening in an open relationship.

There are just a few things that I find it intriguing that made me wonder and think. So here are my thoughts about the story.

1. Fourteen (14) years of being committed in a relationship, leaving under the same roof and it doesn't end up with a child? This is just questionable for people who are in the heat of their explorative stage and take note that everything is the first time for them, which means they are more explorative and loves to do experiments. And the big question mark is why they didn't end up with a child.  The guy really has some libido issues with him.

2. It's really rare for a guy not to propose to a girl after ten (10) years of commitment. The guy is either scared or just dumb enough not to really care for someone on the other side of the commitment.

3. The character, Ethan, was given a hall pass to do anything and yet he ended up with just one girl? Very unrealistic judging from the character of Ethan.

4. For the character of Rome, there was already a bad incident before, why end up agreeing to do the open relationship thing when you know it could end everything. So, the character of Rome is also longing for something new.

5. For someone as possessive as Rome, why didn't she impose about the marriage or having a baby?
So, there you go. These are just a few of the questions that linger in my mind about the movie OPEN.

The movie is not in cinemas anymore but you can find it somewhere else where you can watch and see for yourself.

The movie is directed by Andoy Ranay under Black Productions and T-Rex Entertainment as their theatrical debut and is distributed by Star Cinema.

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