Saturday, October 19, 2019

Robin Padilla On-The-Spot Gave Away His Rubber Shoes

In a recent event held in New Clark City in Pampanga, one of the celebrities and an advocate of sports, Robin Padilla, made one of the Philippine athletes very much happy. Giving away the rubber shoes he's wearing on the spot. He undoubtingly gave away that rubber shoes and walked around the stadium wearing his socks. We don't have the details of their discussion about why Robin gave his rubber shoes to that particular athlete but what we know is that all the athletes will receive that very same comfortable shoes that they'll be wearing during practice and on the SEA Games event. But that particular athlete is lucky enough to receive perhaps his idol's rubber shoes. The actual shoes Robin Padilla wore on that day.

These athletes will be competing in the upcoming Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games). They are training hard and using the new facilities created inside the New Clark City like the Aquatic Center and the Athletics Stadium, world-class facilities that will be used in the SEA Games.

The facilities that will be used for the SEA Games were inspected by some of the officials from the senate and the congress. This is to ensure that we are all ready hosting the 30th SEA Games.  WE WIN AS ONE!!!

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