Thursday, December 19, 2019

Mindanao, A Story of A Mother, of Love and Culture

Mindanao is another movie created by one of the renowned director that portrays the reality of life and culture, Director Brillantes Ma Mendoza. As expected this new movie, that is part of the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival, will definitely give you a glimpse of what is the culture of our fellow brothers and sisters in the south. It is also an eye-opener for every viewers that will watch or have watched this film, about the situation, the struggle, and the life everyone faces in Mindanao.

The movie Mindanao is starred by the Teleserye Queen, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Allen Dizon and some casts that will definitely bring you to a different perspective about the people and culture we don't usually see. A life of a mother, a wife and an individual living in Mindanao.

Just recently, I was able to attend the advance screening of the movie Mindanao, missed the press conference but was able to get a crisp of what is the movie all about. It is really hard to tell about the story of film to give your idea about it without spoiling the movie, but we will try to provide views that viewers can pick up and ponder.

The reality of life most of the time hits really hard and seeing the film Mindanao breaks my heart into pieces. This is probably what Director Brillantes aims as he creates the film to let you know, feel and realize that this is happening and he wants us to see life as how he sees it through his films. It may be a film but it's sad to know that there are characters in real life that is like them, fighting and coping what life has given them.

The character of Judy Ann shows not only how she embraces life and struggle but how a malong is given many ways of uses she pictures life as it is, how we all face life in different angle.

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