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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let's Play Balls at Ball Pit Manila

11:46:00 PM
Okay who says kids are the only ones who can play in a pit of balls, well think again because there's a place for adults to play and be kid-like again to jump in at Ball Pit Manila. It is one of the newest attraction that will draw in a lot of adults who would want to play with balls. Just like the ones that little kids played with but this time adults are the ones to be seen playing with balls. Let's play balls at Ball Pit Manila.

This new attraction boasts the first and biggest adult ball pit in the Philippines, featuring 80,000 balls to play with. Along with the bountiful white orbs, the adult ball pit will have trampolines and even monkey bars so you can swing, jump, and just roll all over this pit of fun.

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