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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Congresswoman Florida "Rida" Robes' Acts to Help Fight Depression

5:27:00 PM

Depression or mental health issue, a problem that most people are facing today, especially the young ones who are mostly engaged in social media and networking sites, seems to be getting worse and the victims are getting younger every day. With the advancement of technology, getting bashed or reading something hurtful is just a scroll away. Even being shamed is just a click away.

San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan Representative Florida “Rida” Perez Robes, in a recently released article in one of the leading newspaper mentioned that “In one public high school in a barangay in our town, 10 students, all teenagers, died of suicide due to mental health issues, in a span of one year. Many of the cases are related to online bullying." It is indeed becoming a real problem and issue of today's generation. Congresswoman Rida was able to share something like this to inform people that it is becoming a problem that needs to be addressed that is why she advocates for mental health. Not only because of the news but also from the personal experiences of her relatives. She is not comfortable knowing that depression claims live in her hometown.

“Depression needs to be treated. Early intervention can come in the form of caring. It helps a lot when a depressed individual knows someone cares,” part of what CW Robes mentioned in the article. Depression really needs to be treated in an early stage and because of the incidents that happened in her hometown CW Rida took time to visit different barangays and schools in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, to see the current situations. A gesture of bringing hope to the people.

Part of the move and action taken by CW Robes is being part of the group that made a partnership with the Korean-based Sunfull Foundation, an international non-government organization that raises mental health awareness among individuals and helps combat cyberbullying. Together with her are other lawmakers like Pangasinan Representative Baby Arenas and Zamboanga Sibugay Rep. Ann Hofer.

Congresswoman Rida is right to address the problem as more and more youth are becoming more enclosed in social media platforms, the more that they are becoming vulnerable to cyberbullying that later on leads to depression. What we, the relatives and friends of people experiencing depression, need to do is give a reason for them to think that we are there for them and we care.

Many laws have been passed but seldom that these laws are well implemented and good to know that CW Rida is calling the attention of the Department of Health regarding the Republic Act 11036 or the Philippine Mental Health Law.

This is not just a small issue or concern but it is now a big problem that needs to be addressed. A good call initiated by Congresswoman Florida "Rida" Robes!

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