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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

5 Reasons How Viewers Are Lead to Think Camila is A Ghost in Killer Bride

11:33:00 PM

The Killer Bride ghosting phenomenon has invaded every house on primetime and what's more interesting is that everyone is hooked with how the story unfolds. From the beginning of the TV series/ teleserye, the story of Camila de la Torre, which was played by Maja Salvador, did show an intriguing forbidden romance that was not revealed instantly. Instead, it was shown mysteriously.

It was indeed breathtaking, convincing, that the characters who played the different roles held you to be there with them. In rage and in anger, that's when the scene of Camila being burned alive. It was a good back story, an epic portrayal of how the story should be tailored.

But tonight's revelation was intriguing and changes the whole concept. The ones that we have established in our minds and the probability that we created to answer some of the mysteries being depicted in the teleserye.

So, how does the storyteller lead us to think that Camila de la Torre is dead? Well, here are five of the reasons how we are lead to that notion.

1. The Bridal Gown Burning Teaser. It all started into this teaser, the burning gown and the screaming of Camila de la Torre.  We were first brainwashed into thinking that the teleserye is a ghost story and with the title of the Killer Bride.

2. Camila Burning in the Cell. Another teaser that made us think that Camila is dead is her scene inside the cell while the whole place is burning like hell. So with this, our minds are conditioned that in the story Camila will die.

3. The Curse. This one is perhaps common in horror stories, the cursing of the abused and maltreated character. We were accustomed to stories like this when the line in the teaser "Sinusumpa ko babalikan ko kayong lahat. At ipapakita ko sa inyo kung anong klaseng demonyo ang tinapon nyo sa impyerno." was cast that was the point where we made to believe that the character of Camila died.

4. The camping stories of the Killer Bride scene. An additional convincing factor that Camila was dead was the scene where her story as the Killer Bride was told in camping. More of it became a kwentong bayan. A story that is told and passed around which became part of the town's hidden or past story.

5. The Great and Convincing Act of Emma. This one made it even more convincing. The scene of Emma seeing and hearing the ghost of Camila de la Torre and what's made it even more intriguing is that it happens in a morgue where most of the ghost stories occur.

Now, these are my five observations for the reasons how we, the viewers, are lead to thinking that Camila de la Torre is a ghost in the past few episodes of the Killer Bride.  In a much more colloquial or simpler term "nabudol tayo ni Emma at Camila". We were fooled to think that Camila is dead.

So, the story unfolds. Killer Bride isn't a ghost story but much more of a vengeance story. I think this is just the first of the mysteries that are unfolding. We will be looking forward to more of the story.

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