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Thursday, December 20, 2012


12:42:00 PM
Miss USA - photo from
First of all congratulations to Miss USA for winning the MISS UNIVERSE 2012 and to Miss Philippines - Janine Tugonon for reaching the 1st Runner Up.  Few Filipinas were able to reach that far and Ms. Janine Tugonon is one of those beauties to hold that place.  

So what do you think of this year's Miss Universe?  Hope you could share your insights and views about the recently concluded MISS UNIVERSE Pageant 2012.  

Miss Philippines - Janine Tugonon
photo from
For Kwento Ni Toto Ms. Janine Tugonon - Miss Philippines did pretty well in answering the question and was able to deliver it with confidence.  Though she did not make it to be the Miss Universe 2012, for us the Cobra Walk is a killer.  Congrats again to Miss Philippines - Ms. Janine Tugonon.

Miss Universe 2012, Who Will It Be?

10:56:00 AM

Right now people watching the Miss Universe 2012 are very much excited to know who will be this year's crowned Miss Universe.

As of this writing the candidates where down to TOP 5 and they are MS. PHILLIPINES - JANINE TUGONON, MS. USA - OLIVIA CULPO, MS. VENEZUELA - IRENE ESSER, MS. BRAZIL - GABRIELA MARKUS, MS. AUSTRALIA - RENAE AYRIS.   It seems that all of them did great with the question and answer.

So we awaits who will be the MISS UNIVERSE 2012.

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