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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Japanese Kwento (Story) Movie Entitled ATHLETE : The Standards of Society in Order To Love Freely

11:25:00 PM

It's another film from one of my fave country when it comes to discipline, robotics, and anime, Japan. So, this is my kwento (story) today, our coverage of the press conference of the movie ATHLETE, which was held at Botejyu in Robinsons Galleria. You can watch the coverage on my YouTube Channel Kwento Ni Toto.

Present during the media conference were Joe Nakamura who is a Japanese actor known for Bond of Justice: Kizuna and more; Yohdi Kondo who is also a Japanese actor and a YouTuber; and Maria Theresa Gow "Gowchan" who is, by the way, a Filipino Japanese actress and singer known for some OST from Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla and more.

So let us delve not too deep into some of the details about the movie but as according to what I have heard and understood during the press conference. This is a timely movie when we, here in the Philippines are having issues with gender, LBTQ+ issues, the right to be understood, the fight for equality, and the need to be respected. So this is not your usual movie of love and romance but a more complicated form of love that is not the usual scene.

The movie "Athlete" tells about the story of two lost souls who, in the midst of solitude, find peace and comfort in a relationship that most people would consider forbidden. This is not a tale about infidelity or the "right love at the wrong time" but it's a more complex and complicated kind of story that will certainly give you a different perspective about love.

A former swimming athlete who drowns himself after losing his life and loved ones just by a decision from his wife for a divorce. Hopeless and broken, he meets Yutaka, a handsome young man who has big dreams in spite of doing odd jobs.

Being drown from the situation, a deep friendship develops between them and eventually, no matter how much they fight it, Kohei and Yutaka develop more of a romantic feeling towards each other. As their love and affection grow, so do their struggles in making their relationship work for they both fear that their respective families will be put into scandalized by their unconventional setup.

The story wish to convey that the freedom to choose and the courage to accept yourself is a gift. And the movie "Athlete" bravely shows us how to unwrap that gift. It is a movie that honestly reveals what most people would find difficult or terrifying.

The movie stars Joe Nakamura and Japanese actor and singer, Yohdi Kondo. From VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment, "Athlete" will be in cinemas September 25, 2019, exclusively in Robinsons Movieworld.

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