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Thursday, May 9, 2019

5 Underlying Lessons from Sons of Nanay Sabel

6:17:00 AM

Sons of Nanay Sabel is not just comedy and songs but there are lessons that every individual should know about the movie. We all know the trilogy of the movie Tanging Ina and that film made a strong impact to Filipino families. Though it was set in a comedy scene, still there are few dramas that people can relate to.

For the movie Sons of Nanay Sabel there are underlying lessons that we should learn. Fortunately we were able to find 5.
  1. Family matters. No matter how hard life is we should consider our family. Every member of the family is important to us. Whatever trials we face family should comes first. 
  2. Truth sets us free. The truthfulness of Nanay Sabel made her won the hearts of his children even though they come from different poster parents. 
  3. Our brother is our best friend. Perhaps our best pal, tropa and reliable ally is our brother. Through good times and bad times for sure blood is thicker than water. They are always there when we need them.  
  4. Mothers will do everything for their children. Mothers are perhaps the strongest individual when it comes to emotion and will power. Imagine the struggle of bearing babies for 9 months plus make a living for them. Also a plus kudos to all single moms. 
  5. Life is sometimes unfair but what is important is how we cope with that unfair situation. Learn to cope up to make life fair. 
These are just few of what I observed in the movie Sons of Nanay Sabel. The movie might not that appealing to all but it shows heart and life lessons.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sons Of Nanay Sabel, A Family Comedy Story

10:47:00 PM

The  Queen of comedy, Ai Ai Delas Alas, is back to bring laughter and life lessons with her latest movie together with the sensational hit rap group Ex Batallion in 'Sons of Nanay Sabel'.  The movie is fused with an extraordinary Motherly Love that will tickle and touch your heart. We all know that Ai Ai being the manager of Ex B also makes her the mother of the group.

On this movie, Sons of Nanany Sabel, Ai Ai plays the role of Sabel, a former bartender who was supposed to be married to a prince. Unfortunately, she dump by the prince when he found out that Sabel have 6 children that she left in an orphanage. After the wedding was called off, Sabel decded to look for her sons and reunite her family once again.

her sons were left to the care of Sister Mary played by Sheree, who kept all the details of Sabel's kid's foster families and handed it to her when she finally came back as she promised.

Son's of Nanay Sabel are played by the members of Ex-Batallion. Justin and Bieber is played by Archie (Flow G) and Daryl (Skusta Clee) who were both adopted by a rich businessman and grew up with their Yaya Bona portrayed by Jon Santos who later on went with them when Sabel took back her two sons; Troll Montero is played by Jon (King Badger) was adopted by a barber; Baby James is James (Brando) and Ez played by Mark (Bosx1ne) were adopted by an old lady named Lola Narcisa, and they only discovered that they were brothers when Sabel took them; Bhoy is played by Rhenn (Emcee Rhenn) was adopted by a couple who abuses him and never loved him, that's why Sabel forcefully took him from his foster parents.

Sabel and her sons will experience the riot of living together for the first time, and will form the family bond that Sabel has always dreamed of. But it will soon be tested when the beautiful and flirty Helen, which is by the way portrayed by the sexy Kylie Versoza, will make the brothers fall in love with her and fight for her. So will they be once again a complete family?

SONS Of Nanay Sabel is written by Mel Mendoza del Rosario, the same writer who wrote the blockbuster trilogy of Tanging Ina, and Ang Cute ng Ina Mo. and aside from their crazy antics, Ex-Battalion also has something new for their fans, as they release their new tracks "Sama-sama", "Huwag Siya" and "Bagong Umaga" featuring Ai Ai in the movie.

It's a riot for sure as Ai Ai Delas Alas and Ex-Battalion mix together in the film Sons of Nanay Sabel.  Opens May 8 in cinemas nationwide. Presented by Viva Films.

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