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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zendee, From Random Girl to Runaway Single

9:40:00 PM

How many of you have seen or heard this random girl who became viral and a youtube sensation?  Well I'm sure only few people would say they haven't seen or heard her.  So who was this person?  Well it's none other than Zendee, the lovely girl who sung in a mall which her back and her backpack was only seen from the video.   After booming with that popularity, she became known and landed a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

For me it was an opportunity being a part of the group that was able to witness and hear Zendee's first ever single.  Yes, she is now officially a recording artist.  This December 12, she releases her first single entitled "Runaway" under Warner Music Philippines.   As I heard it during the conference it was really a very soulful voice and if I didn't know that it was Zendee singing I could really mistaken her for a foreign singer.

According to her "having my own song is something that I used to just imagine.  Singers recording songs in studios were something that I used to just watch on TV.  I never thought that I will also be able to do it and with a major label at that!  I feel so blessed, this is really a dream come true!"  During the conference she was really thankful to all the blessings that are coming her way.

Her first ever single "Runaway" was about not allowing difficulties to get in the way of your dreams, just like Zendee did.  According to her as well she loves to write and sing songs that tells the story of other people.  The song "Runaway" was written by Andrew Fromm, who has also written for the likes of The Backstreet Boys, Nsync and K-ci & Jojo.  His songs appear in over 45 million albums worldwide and he is quite excited to work with a world class Filipino talent like Zendee.  Fromm shares "I'm honored to have co-written a song that I hope will skyrocket Zendee to #1.  She has a fantastic voice.  It's always insanely exciting to watch such a gifted artist record and release a song you pour your heart into.  That said, i wish Zendee nothing but the absolute best and I pray wherever Runaway is released, it's embraced by all.

Aside from being Zendee's first single and first song as a recording artist, "Runaway" is also the first local recording to be mastered for iTunes for the Philippines by Warner Music Philippines and Asia Pacific,  This means that the recording is digitally optimized for increased audio quality in digital format.

Checkout Zendee's "Runaway" single on iTunes and also get the latest updates with about Zendee.

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