Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Introduction

This blog, the Kwento Ni Toto which means the Toto's Story is all about the things that I write.  I write about different things, different styles, and different moods.  It is the presentation of my thoughts, the exhalation of my emotions, and the screaming of my soul.  This is where I box everything, in the four corners of this blog.  Keeping one's thought is like boxing  a special gift for someone.  You wrap it with your most favored wrapping materials.  It doesn't matter if it is expensive or cheap as long as it is what matters is the one inside it..  This is where I wrap everything from me.

Writing is something that let me ease up everything, specially the tormenting and excruciating stress of work and problems.    Its a sense of fulfillment everything I finished a very well written article (according to my preference).  Reading it again after a few months or a few years that it is written can really make you assess your development.

This is my work and this is me.  Like it or dislike it, it's up to me to comprehend or not.  Use it or ignore it, it's up to you.

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