Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning Life: Patience

We always face different facts about life. Some of them are beneficial and some are lessons to learn. Living life is not as simple as we think of it. There are ups and downs that we need to deal with. As I was growing or should I say acquiring numbers on my age, there are things that I learn in life.

We all need to learn and most of the time experiences are the best teacher in life. Of course our parents did teach us when we were kids, they have been our teacher most of our existence. But there are things that need to be experienced to realize the effect of that certain actions and decisions.

Now, for this article of life, I’ll be sharing the one virtue in life that can and will really help you in your struggle in life. It is Patience. I don’t know if most of the people know about this phrase that “Patience is a virtue”. There are many definition of virtue but all of them only focus on a certain meaning and it is the moral excellence and righteousness or goodness of man. Before this, I didn’t actually know why patience is considered as virtue all I know is that being patient can really reward you better ones.

As I was walking through this life stream, my way of thinking has been sharpened by time and events. Indeed patience is a virtue because we have to endure the splashing waves of problems that we encounter. Making us more cautious in all our decisions and avoiding us to jump into action. As a result a rewarding turns of events because of just being patient enough to wait.

One good example is how the guerilla became known of their tactics. They were able to accomplish their missions because they are patient enough to wait for the right timing. Enduring distraction and focusing only one thing on their mind, to complete their task. Other good examples are the mothers. I praise them for their patience in bearing their child. Imagine having that baby inside the womb for nine months which grows bigger and bigger as they click the clock to come out of that womb. The reward is priceless.
Other examples are our prayers, if we’re not prayerful enough and we are impatient none of those prayers will be answered because we intend to rush everything but if we’re patient enough to wait, the answer is much greater than what we have asked for. God doesn’t only sprinkle us with blessing instead He showers us with abundance.

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