Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recycling Tips: Plastic

Plastics are widely used, from simple households to multi-million dollar companies. With the present situation of the world, plastic is considered threat to the environment. I don’t have any statistics confirming of how many people are using plastic daily but there’s one that is for sure, most people in the world use it, specially industrialized countries. This material is not easily decomposed. It takes twenty to twenty five years or even more before they are decomposed and become part of the sustainable soil. With the present threat of plastic, large companies are now programming their use of plastic, others are little by little reducing their consumption, and others are acquiring or are now using decomposable plastics which come from special material that can be stale.

So as an individual how can we help reduce the use of plastic? There are different ways that an individual can help in this campaign.
  1. Reuse plastic. Since most of our activities now involve plastics, we can at least reuse some of the plastic that we get when we do our groceries. These plastics are still in good condition and can still hold or carry items. Try to fold them neatly and place them in jars or containers. In this manner not only that you keep it organized, you also keep them away from acquiring bacteria and dirt. Also it will not be mistaken for a trash.
  2. Reduce the use of plastics. When going to the grocery or any convenient store, try to bring with you your own container or bags. Or if you can carry it with your bare hands just simply inform the bagger that you’ll not be using any plastic. This is one way of reducing it also. Some grocery stores are also now reducing their consumption of plastic bags by having one day of the week that they will not use any plastic. Meaning when you go to this grocery you should bring your own bags.
  3. Recycle plastic by being creative. If you’re an artist and art is your passion, you can simply help recycle plastic by creating beautiful crafts and arts. Out of this used plastics you can at show your creativity. Also there are cooperatives that have already recycling program as part of their livelihood. They are not only recycling but they are also making a profit out of those recycled materials for their families. If you’re not that creative at least try to use those plastic marked with bio-degradable logo in disposing bio-degradable wastes. Or if you just want to dispose it, just simply go to any recycling areas.

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  1. Ayus na kwento yan Toto. Talagang kailangan na natin magsinop at maging responsable sa paggamit ng plastik.


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